What You See Is What You Get

It’s always hard to be sure where you are when you are on a spiritual journey. Sometimes you feel you are progressing nicely; sometimes you feel stuck. Sometimes the progress is amazing. Sometimes everything seems confusing, or painful, or out of control. Yet there are signposts and guides available if you choose to look, listen or ask for them.

One of the hardest parts of the spiritual journey can be to look inward. We are all bright, loving Spirits encased in a clay overcoat. But we forget that as we get on with living a material life. And our material life is driven by patterns, expectations and masks. We fit somewhere along an axis of ‘Holier than thou’ to ‘Humbler than thou’. By this I mean we fluctuate (through ego interaction) between being ‘better than’ and being ‘less than’. It can sometimes seem very challenging to be ‘What You See Is What You Get’. In counseling terms – to be ‘congruent’ with one’s self.

So when we open up to our Spirit and the Spirit World, or the Angelic or Elemental Realms, and to the Divine, as mediums, one of the difficulties is to balance the ‘ego’ vehicle with the Spirit driver. The ego vehicle has learned to think for itself on auto-pilot. It is familiar with being in control – taking the Spirit wherever the ego feels it is best to go. Yet when we awaken to our true Spirit nature and become self aware it is like the driver saying ‘I’ll take over now.’ The autopilot puts up a struggle – usually based around ‘You’re not competent/expert/ clever enough’ and we slow our own progress. If we overcome the tendency to doubt our ability then the ego often steps in again to tell usĀ  ‘You’re the best/greatest/better than’ and we slow our own progress once again as we strive to compete to prove that point.

Only by being aware of these ego traps can we be guided to an inner balance. A place where we can accept our qualities without judging ourself or others; where we understand our true human nature; and, where we can accept our own shadow side. Helping us are the Spirits & beings of other Realms. They gently nudge us to act in our own highest interest. If we become WYSIWYG (wizzywig!) we are authentic and real for the people we hope to help. We are also authentic and real for the Spirits we represent.

So when progressing through your Spiritual journey listen very closely to yourself.

Do you act or react out of a pattern?

Does your ego present you with ‘Holier than/Humbler than’ information?

Are your thoughts on comparing or competition?

Do you know who you are ‘warts & all’?

How often do you offer yourself & others unconditional love & unconditional forgiveness?

Being human is not about perfection. Our imperfections are part of out lessons & lead to our spiritual growth. Acknowledging them and learning from them is at the heart of our spiritual journey. Are YOU at the heart of your clay overcoat?

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