The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre


If you’re looking for answers or guidance to spiritual questions, or just need space for peaceful reflection, you will find all this and much more at the Down2Earth Heart Centre at Burlees House in the heart of Hebden Bridge. Working in collaboration with other holistic practitioners, intuitive medium and psychic Annie Conboy has created a special non-denominational place where spiritual questions can be asked and guidance or answers can be found.

“It’s a healing and supportive environment where people can discover, understand and learn to use their own natural intuitive abilities,” says Annie. “Healing, counselling, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, crystal, tarot and spiritual readings and other treatments are available; and we run a variety of workshops to help people access and develop their intuition in their own way. We also have range of books, crystals, CDs and cards on sale.” A key feature of the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the Drop-In sessions, on Thursday to Sunday every week (11am-4pm).

For Annie the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the realisation of a long-held vision. “I have long felt that people should be able to open up and develop their own intuitive abilities in a straightforward and supported setting,” she says. However, the journey that led to the Down2Earth Heart Centre was an unusual one. “I didn’t set out to become a medium or go out in public. I was quite happy being a therapeutic counsellor and didn’t see myself being anything else for the rest of my career. However, I had always been aware of spirit in the counselling room which gave an extra dimension to my desire to know and understand what makes people tick. So my mediumship journey really started with curiosity; there was no plan,” Annie explains.

“I’ve always felt that to be a slight barrier as I didn’t feel I really wanted to access psychic abilities via structured beliefs – especially as they are a natural ability,” she continues. “I was also becoming frustrated by ‘psychic myths’, which you can see are clearly untrue when you develop your own skills and abilities. I felt there should be a place to go where you can ask questions and get sensible answers; for myself I wanted to develop my skills and understanding. But where could you go? Something non-denominational was needed.”

Returning to Hebden Bridge, Annie felt the time was right to bring all her thoughts and feelings together into something more concrete, and her move into Burlees House was the start of the process. Annie clarifies: “People starting on spiritual journeys start from different places. Some physical, energy healing, holistic and alternative therapies (such as flower remedies), help people to feel better in themselves. People are also looking for the spiritual side of life and looking for guidance and answers to their questions, such as ‘Is there life after death?’, especially if they are grieving for a loved one. We all have an aspect on wellbeing; we all have life questions – ‘Why am I here?’ etc. Some people are frightened by experiences they are having, such as other ‘beings’ connecting with them. If someone is experiencing uncertainty or challenges, tarot reading, counselling therapy or a spiritual counsellor may help them.”

“The purpose of the Centre is to provide a place where people are able to ask these questions of different therapists, holistic and spiritual practitioners, whether from a religious point of view or not. It’s the right place to find these resources. It’s a ‘sanctuary’ where you can ask any question and no-one will think you’re strange or doubt you. Having said that, not everyone likes to ask, so you can browse through our library, read magazines, etc. and look for your answers there while you enjoy a free cuppa and cake.”

While therapies are also available, that is not the main focus of the Centre. The whole point is to provide a free space. Practitioners can help with listening and advice as well as offering therapies. “I would like to think that this collaboration and the Centre will become mainstream and recognised and people will want to accept what places like this can do. My bigger dream is for this to grow organically into a centre where more and more people discover for themselves just what they can do and bring it into their lives in a more positive way,” Annie concludes.