What You See Is What You Get

It’s always hard to be sure where you are when you are on a spiritual journey. Sometimes you feel you are progressing nicely; sometimes you feel stuck. Sometimes the progress is amazing. Sometimes everything seems confusing, or painful, or out of control. Yet there are signposts and guides available if you choose to look, listen or ask for them.

One of the hardest parts of the spiritual journey can be to look inward. We are all bright, loving Spirits encased in a clay overcoat. But we forget that as we get on with living a material life. And our material life is driven by patterns, expectations and masks. We fit somewhere along an axis of ‘Holier than thou’ to ‘Humbler than thou’. By this I mean we fluctuate (through ego interaction) between being ‘better than’ and being ‘less than’. It can sometimes seem very challenging to be ‘What You See Is What You Get’. In counseling terms – to be ‘congruent’ with one’s self.

So when we open up to our Spirit and the Spirit World, or the Angelic or Elemental Realms, and to the Divine, as mediums, one of the difficulties is to balance the ‘ego’ vehicle with the Spirit driver. The ego vehicle has learned to think for itself on auto-pilot. It is familiar with being in control – taking the Spirit wherever the ego feels it is best to go. Yet when we awaken to our true Spirit nature and become self aware it is like the driver saying ‘I’ll take over now.’ The autopilot puts up a struggle – usually based around ‘You’re not competent/expert/ clever enough’ and we slow our own progress. If we overcome the tendency to doubt our ability then the ego often steps in again to tell us  ‘You’re the best/greatest/better than’ and we slow our own progress once again as we strive to compete to prove that point.

Only by being aware of these ego traps can we be guided to an inner balance. A place where we can accept our qualities without judging ourself or others; where we understand our true human nature; and, where we can accept our own shadow side. Helping us are the Spirits & beings of other Realms. They gently nudge us to act in our own highest interest. If we become WYSIWYG (wizzywig!) we are authentic and real for the people we hope to help. We are also authentic and real for the Spirits we represent.

So when progressing through your Spiritual journey listen very closely to yourself.

Do you act or react out of a pattern?

Does your ego present you with ‘Holier than/Humbler than’ information?

Are your thoughts on comparing or competition?

Do you know who you are ‘warts & all’?

How often do you offer yourself & others unconditional love & unconditional forgiveness?

Being human is not about perfection. Our imperfections are part of out lessons & lead to our spiritual growth. Acknowledging them and learning from them is at the heart of our spiritual journey. Are YOU at the heart of your clay overcoat?

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I started to develop my psychic ability by reading cards & have a much loved set of ordinary playing cards thanks to a lovely lady called Margaret (now on Spirit side). She was one of the people I sometimes forget to acknowledge as helping me along when I was stuck on my spiritual journey. Another was Christine Keogh, an excellent clairvoyant who never worked in public at all. She helped me to see that contact with Spirit could be something entirely personal & direct, a way of having daily guidance on how to live spirituality. She used her ability to infuse her aura with the light of Spirit and carried that light into the world each & every day. The third person I owe a great debt to is Susan Ince, an Earth Angel who, though severely tried by life, has remained loving & giving. She showed me how to deal with adversity & with her example I know how to keep putting one foot in front of the other as each step is an achievement. There are others I could mention:  Jean Duncan Sioux LoweAnn Richmond Paul HuntColin PierceAunty KathJulie HodginsLouise HargreavesRos DellarFiona KilpatrickJulie Gesh. All of these, and many more, have helped me to find ways of dealing with the tests offered by Spirit so that I could learn what I needed to be a person & medium who makes better choices in life.

I do forget to tell everyone about these people  & Spirit have kindly arranged to remind me of this recently. They often explain to me that we are a community of Spirit, those of us above (in the Pink Perfect) & also those of us below (on the Earth Plane): we are all one.  Yet here below we seem to find it hard to give credit where it is due. Instead we prefer to see others as ‘competition’ & to be disrespected whenever possible. I have seen some examples of this on social network sites:  strong feelings can produce strong words but before going into print perhaps we should consider how we would feel if those words were being written about us? I’ve also experienced this on a personal level: giving freely of time & energy doesn’t always mean that the person receiving wants to give back. This can be disappointing if it happens at a time when you actually need to have some of that energy returned. It’s even more of a challenge when that person responds to your request for help by getting offended that you would like something in return. They can have forgotten that even an acknowledgment of help given in the past is a gracious & spiritual act.

There is a lovely story I recall reading long ago (in a sci-fi book, as I’m a bit of a fan). A stranger stopped at a village to stay the night. He wandered around looking at the village & trying to talk to people. He kept being met with the response ‘MYOB’ when he asked why people where doing things. He got very frustrated as he felt he was being told to ‘Mind Your Own Business’. When he was leaving the next morning he told his landlord how unhappy he was with the welcome he had got. The landlord explained that ‘MYOB’ actually meant ‘My Obligation’ – what people in the village felt about doing the work to keep the village & all it’s inhabitants as a viable community.The landlord asked that the stranger pass on ‘MYOB’ wherever he could as all the good done as a result would be for the whole not the one.

So the next time you are asked for help please think ‘MYOB’ & consider that the person asking is a part of your community. We all have the choice to ignore ‘MYOB’ but if we accept ‘MYOB’, you never know, we might just have forged a more spiritual & loving community.

Last chance to book …

Sunday 16th August. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost £50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Some of my feedback:

It was another fascinating workshop – lots of very clear explanations of complicated subjects, and the opportunity to deal with difficult issues in a supportive environment. You are a very talented teacher and also have a reassuring manner, and the ability to instill confidence in people. I came away feeling that I have actually moved forwards – I’ve been quite frustrated with myself recently, as I’ve felt I’ve not been making much progress.

I think you have demonstrated the widest range of skills yet of the many people I have met along the spiritual journey.

I just wanted to say thanks for a truly wonderful workshop yesterday. Jon and I were on a high all evening, and we learnt absolutely loads. Really inspiring.