A few words from Jean

1)  Wishful thinking can make you believe a lot of rubbish.   Suffering is a killer for those watching.

2)  There are a lot of mediums out there who are still paralyzed by fear and worried about failure. Self doubt is a cripple.

3)  There are a lot of budding spirity people out there with a little knowledge, who make judgments about others. Must guard against it myself.

4)  My guide is happy to let me do all the talking.  No change there then!

5)  Twin flames can be very lovely but also a pain in the bum.

6)  I have always given others the benefit of the doubt, forgiven, allowed them to make their mistakes knowing how greatly it would impact on me, and understood why they do what they do. Must allow myself the same grace,
whilst at the same time, feel the pain then drop it. Easy peasy! Thanks Deepak Chopra.

7)  Sometimes spirity people know a lot more than they let on about and even when asked a direct yes/no question, don’t answer. No doubt have to answer my own question. Perhaps even stop asking questions and go with the flow.

8)  I am a lot smarter and kinder than I have ever given myself credit for.I wont believe anyone who tells me I’m not again, but at the same time will keep my blinkers off……….easy!

9)  I am carrying around a lot more baggage than I realised. No wonder my body is knackered.

10)    Sometimes the spirit world just want to come through to let you know they are there and that they love you. They really don’t mind being bothered and it doesn’t have to be for a very profound reason.

11)  This spiritual healing can make you feel proper selfish.

12)  These reiki atunements don’t half make you barmy and feel shocking.

With Love, Light and Laughter

Thank you for sharing with me Jean & making me think.