Guiding Light

I love working with my team of guides. No matter how much I develop my psychic senses I know I will not get a Spirit link without their help. So the support & explanations they provide are vital.

People often ask the name of my guide & assume there is only one. However I have a lovely team of beings around me; each has their own specialism & way of working. My first guide, the one who came forward as I searched to connect to Spirit World, has stayed with me as my ‘bouncer’. He keeps low energy (negativity) away if I need him to. He also met me very slowly & steadily as our relationship needed time to develop trust. In fact, for most of the first 10 years I pretty much doubted & ignored him. But he was endlessly patient. And, in time, I trusted him enough for us to work together.

As soon as we were working easily together he stepped back.  Really I was ready for a new guide. Once again we had to build up trust. I was unhappy to be moved on when I felt I was working well. It was like learning to walk all over again. The new guide had a different energy & a new way of giving me information. So I chucked my dummy (pacifier) out of the pram! It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the change was right for me; Spirit wanted me to be able to work better for them.

Now I get guides popping in & out all the time. I don’t always have a more personal relationship with each one. I’ve learned to trust that the right being will be with me with the right skills just for whatever I’m doing. So I’m proud to work with a team & be part of a fascinating journey. At the heart of any work to develop mediumship is your relationship with your guides. They are the ones who get you through the bumpy bit at the beginning. They help you build your confidence. The more you pay attention to them & acknowledge them the better Spirit contact & messages will flow.

People also ask me how they will know or identify when a guide is around. As the relationship between Medium & Guide is personal I prefer not to tell people who their guides are – even when I sense, see or hear them. It’s a bit like meeting someone you feel might be that ‘special’ person then your best friend/mother/their mother proceeds to tell you all their likes/dislikes. It really takes the excitement of discovery out of the relationship. It also makes it harder to trust as you have someone else’s opinion parked in your mind.

There is also the chance that I will give someone a stereotype instead of the reality. Tell people they have a Native American guide & most of us will imagine a man, probably a medicine man or chief, in buckskin trousers, bare chested & craggy faced. So the little old lady in a blanket shawl with a careworn face who is really the guide might be a bit of a let down. Or she may feel very restricted being forced to appear as a man! Not a good start to a relationship.

Sensing your guide(s) will depend on which of your psychic senses is the strongest. And the connection can be quite ‘light’ at first. Perhaps a flash in the corner of your eye as if someone is standing at your side. Perhaps an itchy, tingling feeling at the end of your nose or across your head. Perhaps even a buzzing noise in your ear. Sometimes a person seen in dreams. Or an eye just as you drop off to sleep. Try to accept anything that seems to be contact. If it is, it will happen again. If it’s not, at least you have shown your guide you are willing to start a relationship.

Love & Light

Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants: What do they do?

There are always a lot of questions about what psychics, mediums & clairvoyants do. Some people think that they can only get Spirit messages from clairvoyants, some that psychics can tune into Spirit and many who just get confused by all the names floating around. This is my explanation – you don’t have to accept it. We are ‘thinking beings’. I would be delighted if you use my explanation to think about what you understand or believe psychic & Spirit contact is.

Put at it’s simplest:

A Psychic has the ability to read the aura (or energy system) that we all have around us as a physical individual. Because we can’t see it or touch it most of us are unaware of it’s existence. But it is there. And someone who has opened up to the information coming to them through their psychic senses can ‘read’ the energy & tell you what is most probably going to happen. They can also tell you what has happened, what is happening at the moment & the things your energy is trying to draw in for you in the future. This is NOT fortune-telling.

An experienced Psychic can also link through you to the energy of all those who are connected to you or around you e.g. lovers, family, friends, workmates, neighbours. By ‘reading’ the energy of the people around you the Psychic can also see where their interests can be the same or different to yours and so how ‘probable’ your wishes & hopes are since your life choices are directly affected by the people who are around you.

Psychic readings pick up on YOUR agenda – what you would like to have happen in your life – checks this against the agendas of the other people around you and then gives you the best ‘probable’ outcome. We all have FREE WILL so we can choose what we do. That is why no-one can tell you your future. If you don’t like the sound of what you have been told you will do something completely different!

A Medium is someone who has opened up to the aura of the people physically present in this world and also to the aura of people who have died. People who have died are in the ‘Spirit World’ and can come into the aura of a Medium to communicate. Mediums get this communication by seeing (Clairvoyance), hearing (Clairaudience), sensing (Clairsentience), knowing (Claircognizance), tasting (Clairgustance) or smelling (Clairalience). So someone who is a Clairvoyant gets messages more strongly through seeing pictures/figures/words/symbols etc. But all forms of ‘Clair’ can be used by an experienced Medium at one time or another.

Spirit readings through a Medium pick up on SPIRIT’s agenda – what else may be happening in your life that you have ignored, failed to notice or have lost sight of. Spirit readings should always contain evidence that is personal to you about the Spirit who has come forward or about yourself. The Medium should be comfortable with you only giving Yes & No responses as Spirit should be able to explain in more detail anything you don’t understand. In my experience Spirit always want to give a message so that you can understand issues or aspects of your life better. They do not tell you to do anything in particular & they cannot make decisions for you. Remember, we have FREE WILL & will do exactly what we choose to do. That is why Spirit do not tell you your future. If you don’t like what you have been told you will do something completely different!

Before you have a reading please think about why you are going.

Do you want to be told what to do?
A reading will not do this.

Do you want to find out if your family & friends are in Spirit World?
A Spirit reading will do this.

Do you want your fortune told?
A reading will not do this.

Do you want some insight into the issues you feel you have in your life?
A Psychic reading will do this.

Do you want to test the reader by only getting a particular piece of information?
A reading will not do this – you may reject all of the good information you are given as the one item you want may not be given.

Do you want to get all of the support that is available to you so you can look at life as clearly as possible?
Both kinds of reading will do this

Workshops, psychic nights & ghost hunting ….

Today I was going to be running one of my Awakening workshops: everything set, people ready & housework done. Last month the medium appearing at the psychic club (Mediumship@Milans) broke her ankle so we were waiting to see if she could go ahead. Unfortunately she isn’t mobile enough yet so I arranged to step in & cover tonight with two lovely mediums, Jackie Fawcett & Wendy Fawcett. Then some of the workshop participants had to cancel.

What’s going on,  I asked Spirit.

You need to have some time out,  they said.


And, by the way, we’re putting a good group together for September’s workshop.

Oh! Okay ….

So I’ve had the time to sort out the music for tonight, dream some interesting dreams & dip into ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ as well as check the preparations for our overnight paranormal event. I’ve also been thinking about the workshops. I’m really fortunate to have guides who bring together exactly the right people at exactly the right time for us all to experience awakening in our consciousness & spirituality. I love doing the workshops because I also learn so much from the channeled answers to participants questions. So roll on September’s groups!

It’s also good to have a chance to pick some music for tonight. I am working with a new guide who really likes laughter & music: both of these raise the vibration & that helps me & Spirit to connect better. I started the psychic nights at Milans hotel as I want to make messages available to everyone at an affordable price. I also want people to be able to see that mediums & psychics are ordinary, dedicated people who want to help their communities. And I wanted a place where new mediums & psychics could try out their skills in front of an audience. So if you are looking for a good night out come along to Carleton Place & enjoy!

There are many people who want to experience Spirit contact & choose to go ‘ghost hunting’ on a paranormal tour of some kind. This is an interesting way to check out if there is any such thing as a ‘ghost’ & I love taking people to places where there are reports of activity to see what we can find. Myself, Wayne, Helen, Jon, Gil & Maura will be at The Courtyard Inn, Halifax this Friday overnight to check out reports of activity there. Carl, the manager, & our other participants are joining us in a seance, vigils, dowsing & glass divination (but no running screaming  … it upsets the late night clubbers over the road) to obtain evidence of Spirit activity.See the Events page for tickets.

So a busy time all round & more in September,

love & light

Spiritual books & paranormal nights

I love to read & usually have about 5 or 6 books on the go at any one time. There are books all over the house & any time I try to part with any I always end up rereading them again at least once before I can let them go! One of my fav places to get my books on spirituality, personal development or health matters is Cygnus Books. They stock lots of titles – some quite hard to get hold of normally – are very good on price & if you become a Cygnus Supporter you qualify for free postage & discount vouchers. Their magazine, Cygnus Review, is distributed free with no expectation that you will buy from them & I love the way the whole team want to be of service. A book store with ethics! You can also find them at

Reading the features in the magazine took up some of my morning. I also found time (at last) to arrange for Adele of Tower Admin Services to come & do my filing for me. She’s also going to be helping me with the audio typing of some stuff for my book. The Higher Side were listening when I said I needed a PA & along came Adele. Then I called in at The Courtyard, Wards End, Halifax, West Yorkshire to see Carl. We are going to hold a paranormal night there as it is supposed to be active. I’m sure the Spirits who are there will put in an appearance though I’m not sure any of us will be running screaming from the building. So, vigils, a seance or two, pendulums, dowsing, glass divination, table tilting & ghosts caught on film (hopefully). Plenty to do from midnight to 6am. For tickets go to my events page.

Love & light

I don’t belieeeeve it!

I’ve very nearly had a Victor Meldrew moment! I’ve come back from Todmorden Cricket Club where last Friday I put up my banner for the event I’m running there this Friday 17th July.  Sadly the banner had been taken at some point. In discussing where it might have got to I was told that it was most likely drunken people or young people who would have scaled the seven foot high wall to get it down. It certainly wasn’t thrown away anywhere near the Cricket Club & I’m not sure what use someone would have for a purple banner saying ‘One Psychic Medium: Many Spirits’.

The banner had survived outside for two weeks in Halifax town center just recently – not an easy feat on a hectic Halifax weekend. I’m a regular stall-holder on Todmorden market & it seems sad that the banner was less safe there. Perhaps my crystal ball failed this time. The person who took the banner must have had a great need. Greater than the £47 of my hard earned money the banner cost me. And greater than the need of those people who might have contacted me to be given reassurance that life continues after death & their loved ones are still around. Vandalism & theft are never the right course no matter how needy someone is.  If only they had thought to ring the phone number or visit the website mentioned on the banner perhaps I could have helped in some way?

I also believe I have spoken to the person responsible – our aura energy changes when we lie – and it is so sad that they felt they had to deal with the banner this way, instead of a simple phone call to me. Sending them light & love as what we give out is always returned to us (good or bad).

Going to a Spiritualist Church

Not everyone is sure of what happens inside a Spiritualist church. So people sometimes miss a good opportunity to see mediums working. I’ve been to Oldham Spiritualist Church tonight & enjoyed a lovely service where Pauline Montgomery gave evidence of survival after death (that is, told people things she could not have known about them & their relatives) & passed on messages from Spirit. Mediums up & down the country do this week in, week out (me too) so that anyone who wants can come along & see if there is someone in Spirit who wants to give them a message.

Some churches have services just for messages where there might be a hymn or two. Most churches have Divine Service at least once a week & this has hymns, prayers & a talk (sort of sermon). Even if you are not a church goer the services are open to all & you don’t have to be a Spiritualist to go there. If you want to find out where churches are you can check at or for the ones nearest to you. There are also independant churches so a google search is a good way to find them too.

Just a quick point: as the message is for the person getting it the medium who gives that message usually forgets it afterwards. Otherwise our heads might be crammed with too much info & burst (only joking). But carrying all those messages & remebering every single detail would be hard work. When you remind a medium that you got something in a message from them we can sometimes ‘pull’ the info back with the help of our Spirit friends but please don’t be offended if we look or sound a little bit blank at first.

Love & light

Still trying to remove an old bit of a page that seems to have got stuck on my blog page. I found out today, through a very helpful network administrator on Ning how to do RSS feeds but still not quite cracked it for the web site. LOL!

Went to Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church on Sunday & shared a service at Bankfoot Spiritualist Church, Bradford in the evening with a lovely medium called Sioux Lowe. Had a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday at a school Summer Fayre (& it didn’t rain until after we all went home). Tuesday back to work sorting out arrangements for up coming events. Today I’ve had a Home Circle & joined Facebook & Twitter (my friend Maura told me they were easy to use … hmmm. I’m waiting for someone to make me a friend or follow me so I can see if I can manage. If only the Spirit World was on Twitter/Facebook as I always get a connection with them. LOL!