Psychic Art: Painting the energy

Crystal Gazing Collection : Amathyst
Crystal Gazing Collection : Amethyst

One of the things I really appreciate is the chance to get our my paints & pencils and play. I rediscovered my artistic creativity in 2009 when, prompted by Spirit, I visited an artist called Pat Senior. She helped me to get started again with paint & canvas but it took me a journey into encaustic wax art & watercolour to find my feet. All the time I was working with the paints etc I felt the presence of my Guides. I soon began to realise that they were stepping forward all the time I got creative to channel through the work.

I’m not (at present) a fine artist – my drawing ability is rather poor. I work a lot with abstract, with colour & flow. Usually I paint upside down. But I love the energy that takes over my hands & arms to shape wonderful pictures. Those pictures also have distinctly different vibrational energy, reflecting the different painters who work through me at present. I haven’t asked for their names – what is important is to get their energy vibration into the world & in front of people who need that vibe. They are content not to be identified too as they have left any human status far behind. These lovely beings work now to bring in healing & love through the pictures.

Moe recently my work has come through as collections; individual pictures that are part of a set but can be accessed one by one as needed. I know that some of them are meant to be a one off whilst others can be reproduced. In fact, some of them don’t even like me taking their photos so that I can keep a record of each one. I believe their energy is too delicate to be disrupted by a flash. Or I get strange effects on the photo that can’t be seen on the original. All part of the mystery of each picture really. It’s surprising what you can see when you look at them for a time. Often faces & figures are peeping out. Or when the lighting is changed the picture reveals shapes or bands that I didn’t know I’d painted in.

Most paintings are done in a very short time (10-15 minutes). This shouldn’t surprise me but it always does. From a blank sheet of paper or canvas to finished in such short order is the usual way unless I get in the middle of the process. Sometimes I’m so keen to know what I’m painting, or I feel as if I should be directing what is happening. Then I usually end up with a messy blotch, lol, & a quiet voice telling me to be patient. There is always laughter when I’m working because they know me so well. Even when I have to start all over again the creativity is always fun!

The Night Garden Collection
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Grat Central Sun Portal
Great Central Sun Portal






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‘Awakening to Channelled Writing & Drawing’

This weekend I ran one of my favorite workshops! I love the opportunity to help people make a connection with their creativity & through that to their Spirit Guides & inspirers. Jackie, Leigh, Sue, Helen & Linda joined me for a day of writing, drawing & fun whilst we explored removing our structured view of the world (and Art) through meditation & ‘messing about with paint, pencils & encaustic wax. After a morning session trying out Inspired Writing & Automatic Writing we  spent a busy & entertaining afternoon with paint, ink & collage. I was impressed with the work everyone produced & we certainly found lots to discuss about the limitations we place on ourselves when it comes to judging artistic ‘standards’. I’ve posted some of the inspirations I received below (with a big Thank You to Pat & Christine who were my Earth plane inspirers).

If you have never tried to work with Spirit in this way I would ask you to try it. All you need is some coloured pencils, chalks or crayons & paper. Find a quiet place & let yourself doodle. For writing it’s even easier – just grab a pen & paper, start writing & don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. If you like you can also spend a few moments in meditation or quiet contemplation asking your Spirit Guides to come forward and help you. Keep trying – even if what you draw or write doesn’t seem very special. This is one thing that definitely improves with practice!

Love & Light

Inspired Writing:

Mine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
I will share it with you
For you are part of me and we are

Do not worry or stress,
This will happen as it should.
So let your guard down
And give me the control.
Trust in my Being.
Believe in yourself.
Be gentle and kind to yourself and to others.
The Way is through Love,
Faith and Belief.

As you come into connection with me
You will be enriched
And so able to enrich others.
Smile in my Light and Love
So that your smile takes in
The whole of Creation.
Be blessed as you work your path.

I will be with you always,
God, Goddess, it matters not
What you believe,
For I Am and so are you.

If you have found these words helpful please feel free to share them. I would appreciate if you could acknowledge where they came from.

Lady With Glasses
Travel In Time
Pillars of Light

Guiding Light

I love working with my team of guides. No matter how much I develop my psychic senses I know I will not get a Spirit link without their help. So the support & explanations they provide are vital.

People often ask the name of my guide & assume there is only one. However I have a lovely team of beings around me; each has their own specialism & way of working. My first guide, the one who came forward as I searched to connect to Spirit World, has stayed with me as my ‘bouncer’. He keeps low energy (negativity) away if I need him to. He also met me very slowly & steadily as our relationship needed time to develop trust. In fact, for most of the first 10 years I pretty much doubted & ignored him. But he was endlessly patient. And, in time, I trusted him enough for us to work together.

As soon as we were working easily together he stepped back.  Really I was ready for a new guide. Once again we had to build up trust. I was unhappy to be moved on when I felt I was working well. It was like learning to walk all over again. The new guide had a different energy & a new way of giving me information. So I chucked my dummy (pacifier) out of the pram! It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the change was right for me; Spirit wanted me to be able to work better for them.

Now I get guides popping in & out all the time. I don’t always have a more personal relationship with each one. I’ve learned to trust that the right being will be with me with the right skills just for whatever I’m doing. So I’m proud to work with a team & be part of a fascinating journey. At the heart of any work to develop mediumship is your relationship with your guides. They are the ones who get you through the bumpy bit at the beginning. They help you build your confidence. The more you pay attention to them & acknowledge them the better Spirit contact & messages will flow.

People also ask me how they will know or identify when a guide is around. As the relationship between Medium & Guide is personal I prefer not to tell people who their guides are – even when I sense, see or hear them. It’s a bit like meeting someone you feel might be that ‘special’ person then your best friend/mother/their mother proceeds to tell you all their likes/dislikes. It really takes the excitement of discovery out of the relationship. It also makes it harder to trust as you have someone else’s opinion parked in your mind.

There is also the chance that I will give someone a stereotype instead of the reality. Tell people they have a Native American guide & most of us will imagine a man, probably a medicine man or chief, in buckskin trousers, bare chested & craggy faced. So the little old lady in a blanket shawl with a careworn face who is really the guide might be a bit of a let down. Or she may feel very restricted being forced to appear as a man! Not a good start to a relationship.

Sensing your guide(s) will depend on which of your psychic senses is the strongest. And the connection can be quite ‘light’ at first. Perhaps a flash in the corner of your eye as if someone is standing at your side. Perhaps an itchy, tingling feeling at the end of your nose or across your head. Perhaps even a buzzing noise in your ear. Sometimes a person seen in dreams. Or an eye just as you drop off to sleep. Try to accept anything that seems to be contact. If it is, it will happen again. If it’s not, at least you have shown your guide you are willing to start a relationship.

Love & Light

Psychic Art

I haven’t blogged for quite a while & I’ve loads to update you on in future posts. This one is about discovering my psychic art & a guide called George who is working with me. He joined me in mid-September & since then I’ve been daubing in any spare moments I get (not often enough for George but he’s learning to be patient & I’m learning to paint!). I also have to thank Pat Senior, a brilliant artist & creative lady, for her encouragement & support. Below are some of the things I’ve done & they are also available as limited edition prints.

Love & Light

Ink Blot 2

Ink Blot



Angel I

Angel I

Annie painting

If you would like to purchase a signed, limited edition print (£10 plus £3.00 postage) please click here:


September Update

I’ve been such a busy bee that I have only just got round to posting about my activities this month! I hope school holiday time passed successfully for you (it was hectic here) & that you are now back in your regular routines. I was also able to fit in an angelic workshop recently with Darren Linton. His workshop was excellent. He brings a real sense of angelic presence & beauty & his guided mediations are very effective. I’m sure that the other participants enjoyed the weekend too.

Here are the events for this month:

Sunday 13th September. ‘Awakening to Psychic Ability’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am- 4pm. This workshop allows you to open up more fully your psychic abilities using your insight about auras & chakras. I will demonstrate how to ground and protect your energies so that you can work safely. You will also have an opportunity to establish and experience psychic links for yourself. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch

Wednesday 16th September. Join me, Sioux Lowe, Jackie Fawcett & other guest mediums for an Evening With Spirit. This is a golden opportunity to join a medium at their table & receive messages & supportfrom your loved ones in Spirit. 5-6 people per table. Supper included. Cost £10.

Saturday 19th September. ‘Awakening to Crystal Children’ Workshop. Have you ever wondered why your child, grandchild, nephew, niece seems so different? Are you beining guided to work with these higher vibrational children? Join me to find out more about the Indigos & Crystals in your life & why thier vibrations are helping us to change our view of spirituality. Get practical help & support in how to help & support your chid(ren). 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 1pm – 5pm. Cost £25.

Sunday 20th September. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Wednesday 23rd September. ‘2012 & All That’. Join me for an informal evening discussing what changes are occrring in 2012, guidence from Spirit on how we can prepare & a Spirit Vision of the future. &.30pm – 9pm. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. Cost £2.

Friday 25th September. ‘Awakening to Awareness’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. My first workshop is suitable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of what psychic abilities are, auras or chakras. You will be introduced to your inner energy systems and personal vibrational level. I will also provide information and guidance about energizing your own aura and chakras so that you will be able to begin to reawaken your own psychic gifts. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Sunday 27th September. Divine Service at Ashton Spiritualist Church. 3pm

Wednesday 30th September. Mediumship @ Milans at 8pm . An evening of messages from Spirit. Cost £6.00. A fabulous chance to see Medium & Psychic Surgeon Alan Cox bring forward messages from Spirit. There will also be a chance to buy crystals & gifts from Ann, his wife. Why not treat yourself & have a relaxing evening with us?

October Highlights: I’m doing private sittings at Colne Spiritualist Church on 3rd, a Psychic Supper at Idle Spiritualist Church on 20th & a trip to Northern Ireland for an Evening With Spirit & private readings. I will also be doing an Evening with Spirit in York & a day of readings.

Workshops, psychic nights & ghost hunting ….

Today I was going to be running one of my Awakening workshops: everything set, people ready & housework done. Last month the medium appearing at the psychic club (Mediumship@Milans) broke her ankle so we were waiting to see if she could go ahead. Unfortunately she isn’t mobile enough yet so I arranged to step in & cover tonight with two lovely mediums, Jackie Fawcett & Wendy Fawcett. Then some of the workshop participants had to cancel.

What’s going on,  I asked Spirit.

You need to have some time out,  they said.


And, by the way, we’re putting a good group together for September’s workshop.

Oh! Okay ….

So I’ve had the time to sort out the music for tonight, dream some interesting dreams & dip into ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ as well as check the preparations for our overnight paranormal event. I’ve also been thinking about the workshops. I’m really fortunate to have guides who bring together exactly the right people at exactly the right time for us all to experience awakening in our consciousness & spirituality. I love doing the workshops because I also learn so much from the channeled answers to participants questions. So roll on September’s groups!

It’s also good to have a chance to pick some music for tonight. I am working with a new guide who really likes laughter & music: both of these raise the vibration & that helps me & Spirit to connect better. I started the psychic nights at Milans hotel as I want to make messages available to everyone at an affordable price. I also want people to be able to see that mediums & psychics are ordinary, dedicated people who want to help their communities. And I wanted a place where new mediums & psychics could try out their skills in front of an audience. So if you are looking for a good night out come along to Carleton Place & enjoy!

There are many people who want to experience Spirit contact & choose to go ‘ghost hunting’ on a paranormal tour of some kind. This is an interesting way to check out if there is any such thing as a ‘ghost’ & I love taking people to places where there are reports of activity to see what we can find. Myself, Wayne, Helen, Jon, Gil & Maura will be at The Courtyard Inn, Halifax this Friday overnight to check out reports of activity there. Carl, the manager, & our other participants are joining us in a seance, vigils, dowsing & glass divination (but no running screaming  … it upsets the late night clubbers over the road) to obtain evidence of Spirit activity.See the Events page for tickets.

So a busy time all round & more in September,

love & light

Last chance to book …

Sunday 16th August. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost £50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Some of my feedback:

It was another fascinating workshop – lots of very clear explanations of complicated subjects, and the opportunity to deal with difficult issues in a supportive environment. You are a very talented teacher and also have a reassuring manner, and the ability to instill confidence in people. I came away feeling that I have actually moved forwards – I’ve been quite frustrated with myself recently, as I’ve felt I’ve not been making much progress.

I think you have demonstrated the widest range of skills yet of the many people I have met along the spiritual journey.

I just wanted to say thanks for a truly wonderful workshop yesterday. Jon and I were on a high all evening, and we learnt absolutely loads. Really inspiring.

‘Awakening Workshops’

I love running workshops. It’s great to get questions & find myself giving explanations inspired by my Spirit Guides. It’s lovely to feel people blending their energy & making progress together towards spiritual development. It’s fun just finding out! I often realise I learn as much as anyone on the workshops because my questions get answered too.

In August I’m running my ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ workshop (a favourite of mine) and all three of the component workshops to enable anyone to open up & develop their mediumship. In September I’m also running a 10 week Development Circle so that people can carry on strengthening their link to Spirit. I love the Past Life work because it can really help to identify patterns of behaviour & emotion that are in this life but really belong to an earlier life. I believe that reincarnation is the way we make our journey towards being fully integrated with the Divine, One Central Sun, God/ess or what ever you choose to call the creative force. So helping people to access & work with the wisdom & challenges present by past lives is really exciting.

For those who find they need a deeper understanding of some of the lives affecting them I also offer Past Life Readings. My Spirit Guides are always on hand to access the Akashic Record & allow me to take a peek at the ‘books’ that people are still connected to in this life. Sometimes just understanding why certain events happened at a certain time in our life can really help us to put the puzzle pieces together & move forward more confidently.

Love & Light