Barnoldswick Investigation

We conducted a paranormal investigation at a location near Barnoldswick on 30th December 2009. Here are some of the pictures:

Checking out the location
Dowsing with a Pendulum
Mist? Spirit?

More mist? Or Spirit?

Asking for Spirit contact
Spirit contact?

On the video footage we noticed a few orbs & there was a lot of clairvoyant activity. During the seance using the cup we also noticed a light anomaly on the back wall of one of the rooms (this area appeared to be particularly active).  The footage as it has uploaded is not to the best quality but have a look & see what you think:

Barnoldswick Investigation

Workshops, psychic nights & ghost hunting ….

Today I was going to be running one of my Awakening workshops: everything set, people ready & housework done. Last month the medium appearing at the psychic club (Mediumship@Milans) broke her ankle so we were waiting to see if she could go ahead. Unfortunately she isn’t mobile enough yet so I arranged to step in & cover tonight with two lovely mediums, Jackie Fawcett & Wendy Fawcett. Then some of the workshop participants had to cancel.

What’s going on,  I asked Spirit.

You need to have some time out,  they said.


And, by the way, we’re putting a good group together for September’s workshop.

Oh! Okay ….

So I’ve had the time to sort out the music for tonight, dream some interesting dreams & dip into ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ as well as check the preparations for our overnight paranormal event. I’ve also been thinking about the workshops. I’m really fortunate to have guides who bring together exactly the right people at exactly the right time for us all to experience awakening in our consciousness & spirituality. I love doing the workshops because I also learn so much from the channeled answers to participants questions. So roll on September’s groups!

It’s also good to have a chance to pick some music for tonight. I am working with a new guide who really likes laughter & music: both of these raise the vibration & that helps me & Spirit to connect better. I started the psychic nights at Milans hotel as I want to make messages available to everyone at an affordable price. I also want people to be able to see that mediums & psychics are ordinary, dedicated people who want to help their communities. And I wanted a place where new mediums & psychics could try out their skills in front of an audience. So if you are looking for a good night out come along to Carleton Place & enjoy!

There are many people who want to experience Spirit contact & choose to go ‘ghost hunting’ on a paranormal tour of some kind. This is an interesting way to check out if there is any such thing as a ‘ghost’ & I love taking people to places where there are reports of activity to see what we can find. Myself, Wayne, Helen, Jon, Gil & Maura will be at The Courtyard Inn, Halifax this Friday overnight to check out reports of activity there. Carl, the manager, & our other participants are joining us in a seance, vigils, dowsing & glass divination (but no running screaming  … it upsets the late night clubbers over the road) to obtain evidence of Spirit activity.See the Events page for tickets.

So a busy time all round & more in September,

love & light

Spiritual books & paranormal nights

I love to read & usually have about 5 or 6 books on the go at any one time. There are books all over the house & any time I try to part with any I always end up rereading them again at least once before I can let them go! One of my fav places to get my books on spirituality, personal development or health matters is Cygnus Books. They stock lots of titles – some quite hard to get hold of normally – are very good on price & if you become a Cygnus Supporter you qualify for free postage & discount vouchers. Their magazine, Cygnus Review, is distributed free with no expectation that you will buy from them & I love the way the whole team want to be of service. A book store with ethics! You can also find them at

Reading the features in the magazine took up some of my morning. I also found time (at last) to arrange for Adele of Tower Admin Services to come & do my filing for me. She’s also going to be helping me with the audio typing of some stuff for my book. The Higher Side were listening when I said I needed a PA & along came Adele. Then I called in at The Courtyard, Wards End, Halifax, West Yorkshire to see Carl. We are going to hold a paranormal night there as it is supposed to be active. I’m sure the Spirits who are there will put in an appearance though I’m not sure any of us will be running screaming from the building. So, vigils, a seance or two, pendulums, dowsing, glass divination, table tilting & ghosts caught on film (hopefully). Plenty to do from midnight to 6am. For tickets go to my events page.

Love & light