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40 Days Together In Worldwide Oneness

Join us in a fast from all negative thoughts and actions
June 21 to August 1, 2010

The Law of Attraction: “Your thoughts create your reality!”


We humans are so close to tipping the balances of the new Light and the old dark energies on this planet. By joining together, for ONE final push, there is a possibility we can finally tip the scales for all of humanity, birthing this new world of Light. We have been preparing for this time since the Mid 1980’s raising the planetary vibrations, ending duality and bringing people worldwide into a state of higher consciousness. This is a calling for the final push of all Lightworkers, 11:11ers, Yoga practitioners, Spiritual and Religious groups to join together and overshadowing any darkness, tipping the scales for the planet into the Light. Remember darkness is ONLY an absence of Light… Shine your Light until there is darkness no more!

In the Higher Realms, before being human, we experienced only Light. There was no darkness there. We chose to incarnate as humans for our soul growth and to feed the mind of God with our experiences. We humans are all of both, Light and Dark. We live in polarity in these lower 3rd dimensional frequencies. Our mission and our lives on this planet has been to fully experience duality and all possibilities in that realm of lower vibrations. We have done this, and now it is time for the journey back home to the Light.

Now it is the time of completion, and time to bring humanity back into the higher realms of Light, or Christ Consciousness, the 5th Dimension. By joining together for 40 Days and shining your inner Light and Love on this planet and to everyone around you, we begin the journey home, and will shift the balance of this transition, having more Light on this planet, than darkness. This will be accomplished in mind and heart of all who participate.

Also the significance of 40 Days of fasting from negative thoughts, will fully anchor one’s Spirit and thought processes into the arena of Light…For one who focuses on it, you can fuse your Spirit with your physical being, bringing Heaven to Earth. I personally can testify to this process, as I am already there. This was a process well known by all Holy Men and is found in all Religions Holy Books. It is time we as humanity do this for ourselves. It is graduation time. It is the time of completion.


These dates were specifically chosen because events known to occur in the month of August. In August there have been more invasions, more wars, nuclear bombs, and just simple dark things happen, than in any other month of the year. At that time, the heat of the summer has taken heavy holds on the emotions of people… In anticipation of changing this to a time of Light, 40 Days leading up to August is being chosen as the time. Also, beginning just after the Summer Solstice has great significance as we begin closing the cycle of the year. We are closing the cycle too of duality, and birthing into a state of Oneness. This event will help establish the Light on the planet, helping to anchor the coming 1000 years of peace.


This is and event that can be participated in or experienced anywhere on Earth. It is a call from inside yourself, from your heart, from On High, from your Spiritual self. All one has to do is consciously choose not to entertain thoughts of Lower vibrations. Turn off your news that feeds the darkness. Turn off your TV, Radio, Computer, Video Games, or anything that keeps you in the lower realms. Think of things Spiritual or of a more vertical thinking rather than the linear thinking of the material world. Yes, we all have to work, take care of our families, and still participate in this 3D world, but we can rise above it, into a different way of thinking and being. It is all in your mind. If you do this lovingly, living through your heart, you will begin to feel a state of bliss, of Pure Love that will begin to overshadow your whole being. When you feel it, anchor it, as that is the new way of being for all of humanity.


Tell your family and friends about this event, and what you are going to do… Ask them to join in, or at least allow you to experience this time in peace for yourself. By doing that, even those who choose not to participate are at least conscious of what is going on

Hopefully everyone will see the significance of what is possible, and that which is being called for to join in. Let everyone know, your families, groups, churches, let it be known via emails, newsletters, and so on. Post it on your FaceBook page, your websites and print it on flyers to post around letting people know.





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A channeled message for all Light Workers everywhere

We wish to speak to you about the compassion of the open heart. Willingly give and you will willingly receive. Do not be fearful and close your hearts against us. We continue to support and help. We are your light and guide. We bring you the lesson of compassion.

Where you find it is hard to forgive, or to understand, or to receive the hurtful words from another, be aware that this is you lesson in compassion. If you can receive these insults, this trouble, this turbulence into your heart without pain, without judgment, without self-doubt, you will transform this energy; so that instead of hurt and harm this energy can be re-transmitted, soothed and massaged by your compassion, turned forward into love and sent again to the person who sends it to you.

This is one of your tasks. Your group energy is about compassion. Not everyone will understand the path they are required to be on. Not everyone has your insight and clarity. You are workers for the light and you must open your heart centre and send forward the transformed energies of love so that whoever tries to send you harm and pain receives instead love, understanding and forgiveness.

Remember you have chosen them to cross your path so you may take this lesson. Remember also that they have chosen their own lesson. They may feel doubt, they may feel uncomfortable. They may feel that they want to reject the love that is returned to them. But, by offering that love and sending it and transforming their energy, they will, in time, be transformed. These shifts in energy are subtle. They are not always visible in the outer world but be sure that the inner world will change and eventually the outer world will reflect the sending of love and compassion.

I could weep tears for the number of times this lesson is missed. I could weep tears for the frustration and the hurt that you take upon yourself instead of learning this lesson. Release to me, Kwan Yin, your own tears and fears and pain and hurt. For it is compassion that will help you. It will change in your heart centre anything that is sent in a negative way and it will retransmit it. So that as well as workers for the light, you are workers of Universal LOVE. LOVE is all and LOVE is the Divine.

Please take this message, take it as far as you can – share it with others, be it in words, be it through feeling but the biggest sharing that is available to you is the transformation through your own heart centre. I am here to share with you and will take from you energies you feel you cannot manage but also you must know the lesson is never too hard. You have within you the capacity to complete this lesson and to be successful in what you hope to achieve.

We are with Mother Mary, Sophia. We bring you this message, this learning, this teaching. Know also that you can place your fears and doubts in our arms and we will help you. We are only a call away. Many times the pupil struggles to try to grasp the lesson when the teacher stands by just waiting to help. Do not be a pupil who forgets to ask for help. We send our love. Go well with this lesson.