‘Awakening to Channelled Writing & Drawing’

This weekend I ran one of my favorite workshops! I love the opportunity to help people make a connection with their creativity & through that to their Spirit Guides & inspirers. Jackie, Leigh, Sue, Helen & Linda joined me for a day of writing, drawing & fun whilst we explored removing our structured view of the world (and Art) through meditation & ‘messing about with paint, pencils & encaustic wax. After a morning session trying out Inspired Writing & Automatic Writing we¬† spent a busy & entertaining afternoon with paint, ink & collage. I was impressed with the work everyone produced & we certainly found lots to discuss about the limitations we place on ourselves when it comes to judging artistic ‘standards’. I’ve posted some of the inspirations I received below (with a big Thank You to Pat & Christine who were my Earth plane inspirers).

If you have never tried to work with Spirit in this way I would ask you to try it. All you need is some coloured pencils, chalks or crayons & paper. Find a quiet place & let yourself doodle. For writing it’s even easier – just grab a pen & paper, start writing & don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. If you like you can also spend a few moments in meditation or quiet contemplation asking your Spirit Guides to come forward and help you. Keep trying – even if what you draw or write doesn’t seem very special. This is one thing that definitely improves with practice!

Love & Light

Inspired Writing:

Mine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
I will share it with you
For you are part of me and we are

Do not worry or stress,
This will happen as it should.
So let your guard down
And give me the control.
Trust in my Being.
Believe in yourself.
Be gentle and kind to yourself and to others.
The Way is through Love,
Faith and Belief.

As you come into connection with me
You will be enriched
And so able to enrich others.
Smile in my Light and Love
So that your smile takes in
The whole of Creation.
Be blessed as you work your path.

I will be with you always,
God, Goddess, it matters not
What you believe,
For I Am and so are you.

If you have found these words helpful please feel free to share them. I would appreciate if you could acknowledge where they came from.

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