Surviving the floods

IMG_3138My town, Hebden Bridge, along with so many others in the Calder Valley, has taken a real hit from flooding on Boxing Day. A lot of homes, shops, businesses & property have been temporarily destroyed. The big clean up will take a while but the town is still vibrant & alive. If you are near an area that has flooded you can always help – basic equipment is required for families who have lost most of their normal living equipment and you can send your positive vibes to everyone too. Most of all you can visit us as we are back up & running. This will support the many small businesses who will be building themselves up once again.

For a town with so many independent shops & businesses getting help is vital. We want to trade, share our services and see everyone enjoying our unique town once more. I have received so much support. It does count. It has made a huge difference to me whilst I’m dealing with the fall out of the floods. It also means I can offer the same positive support to others who have been more badly affected. So keep on sending your good vibes to every affected area. If you feel you would like to support us financially please have a look at the items in my Shop. We are also part of a Crowd Funding campaign so take a look at the rewards and make a donation. I’m offering sessions of Reiki & healing meditation to people affected by the flooding at my Centre at very reduced cost – your purchases mean I can offer that much more. Or put Hebden Bridge on your list of places to visit soon & call in to the Centre for a cuppa.

It’s also important to think about all the other areas dealing with flood damage. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to support Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and all other affected areas. Let’s all do what we can!


Psychic Art: Painting the energy

Crystal Gazing Collection : Amathyst
Crystal Gazing Collection : Amethyst

One of the things I really appreciate is the chance to get our my paints & pencils and play. I rediscovered my artistic creativity in 2009 when, prompted by Spirit, I visited an artist called Pat Senior. She helped me to get started again with paint & canvas but it took me a journey into encaustic wax art & watercolour to find my feet. All the time I was working with the paints etc I felt the presence of my Guides. I soon began to realise that they were stepping forward all the time I got creative to channel through the work.

I’m not (at present) a fine artist – my drawing ability is rather poor. I work a lot with abstract, with colour & flow. Usually I paint upside down. But I love the energy that takes over my hands & arms to shape wonderful pictures. Those pictures also have distinctly different vibrational energy, reflecting the different painters who work through me at present. I haven’t asked for their names – what is important is to get their energy vibration into the world & in front of people who need that vibe. They are content not to be identified too as they have left any human status far behind. These lovely beings work now to bring in healing & love through the pictures.

Moe recently my work has come through as collections; individual pictures that are part of a set but can be accessed one by one as needed. I know that some of them are meant to be a one off whilst others can be reproduced. In fact, some of them don’t even like me taking their photos so that I can keep a record of each one. I believe their energy is too delicate to be disrupted by a flash. Or I get strange effects on the photo that can’t be seen on the original. All part of the mystery of each picture really. It’s surprising what you can see when you look at them for a time. Often faces & figures are peeping out. Or when the lighting is changed the picture reveals shapes or bands that I didn’t know I’d painted in.

Most paintings are done in a very short time (10-15 minutes). This shouldn’t surprise me but it always does. From a blank sheet of paper or canvas to finished in such short order is the usual way unless I get in the middle of the process. Sometimes I’m so keen to know what I’m painting, or I feel as if I should be directing what is happening. Then I usually end up with a messy blotch, lol, & a quiet voice telling me to be patient. There is always laughter when I’m working because they know me so well. Even when I have to start all over again the creativity is always fun!

The Night Garden Collection
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Grat Central Sun Portal
Great Central Sun Portal






If you would like to purchase any of Annie’s Psychic Art please email

The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre


If you’re looking for answers or guidance to spiritual questions, or just need space for peaceful reflection, you will find all this and much more at the Down2Earth Heart Centre at Burlees House in the heart of Hebden Bridge. Working in collaboration with other holistic practitioners, intuitive medium and psychic Annie Conboy has created a special non-denominational place where spiritual questions can be asked and guidance or answers can be found.

“It’s a healing and supportive environment where people can discover, understand and learn to use their own natural intuitive abilities,” says Annie. “Healing, counselling, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, crystal, tarot and spiritual readings and other treatments are available; and we run a variety of workshops to help people access and develop their intuition in their own way. We also have range of books, crystals, CDs and cards on sale.” A key feature of the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the Drop-In sessions, on Thursday to Sunday every week (11am-4pm).

For Annie the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the realisation of a long-held vision. “I have long felt that people should be able to open up and develop their own intuitive abilities in a straightforward and supported setting,” she says. However, the journey that led to the Down2Earth Heart Centre was an unusual one. “I didn’t set out to become a medium or go out in public. I was quite happy being a therapeutic counsellor and didn’t see myself being anything else for the rest of my career. However, I had always been aware of spirit in the counselling room which gave an extra dimension to my desire to know and understand what makes people tick. So my mediumship journey really started with curiosity; there was no plan,” Annie explains.

“I’ve always felt that to be a slight barrier as I didn’t feel I really wanted to access psychic abilities via structured beliefs – especially as they are a natural ability,” she continues. “I was also becoming frustrated by ‘psychic myths’, which you can see are clearly untrue when you develop your own skills and abilities. I felt there should be a place to go where you can ask questions and get sensible answers; for myself I wanted to develop my skills and understanding. But where could you go? Something non-denominational was needed.”

Returning to Hebden Bridge, Annie felt the time was right to bring all her thoughts and feelings together into something more concrete, and her move into Burlees House was the start of the process. Annie clarifies: “People starting on spiritual journeys start from different places. Some physical, energy healing, holistic and alternative therapies (such as flower remedies), help people to feel better in themselves. People are also looking for the spiritual side of life and looking for guidance and answers to their questions, such as ‘Is there life after death?’, especially if they are grieving for a loved one. We all have an aspect on wellbeing; we all have life questions – ‘Why am I here?’ etc. Some people are frightened by experiences they are having, such as other ‘beings’ connecting with them. If someone is experiencing uncertainty or challenges, tarot reading, counselling therapy or a spiritual counsellor may help them.”

“The purpose of the Centre is to provide a place where people are able to ask these questions of different therapists, holistic and spiritual practitioners, whether from a religious point of view or not. It’s the right place to find these resources. It’s a ‘sanctuary’ where you can ask any question and no-one will think you’re strange or doubt you. Having said that, not everyone likes to ask, so you can browse through our library, read magazines, etc. and look for your answers there while you enjoy a free cuppa and cake.”

While therapies are also available, that is not the main focus of the Centre. The whole point is to provide a free space. Practitioners can help with listening and advice as well as offering therapies. “I would like to think that this collaboration and the Centre will become mainstream and recognised and people will want to accept what places like this can do. My bigger dream is for this to grow organically into a centre where more and more people discover for themselves just what they can do and bring it into their lives in a more positive way,” Annie concludes.

Last chance to book …

Sunday 16th August. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost £50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Some of my feedback:

It was another fascinating workshop – lots of very clear explanations of complicated subjects, and the opportunity to deal with difficult issues in a supportive environment. You are a very talented teacher and also have a reassuring manner, and the ability to instill confidence in people. I came away feeling that I have actually moved forwards – I’ve been quite frustrated with myself recently, as I’ve felt I’ve not been making much progress.

I think you have demonstrated the widest range of skills yet of the many people I have met along the spiritual journey.

I just wanted to say thanks for a truly wonderful workshop yesterday. Jon and I were on a high all evening, and we learnt absolutely loads. Really inspiring.

August 2009 Events

Here are the events I’m doing for August. Looking forward to being busy!

Sunday 2nd August. Shaw Spiritualist Church Mind, Body, Spirit Fair at Shaw Masonic Hall from 10am – 5pm. Come along for a crystal reading & help support the church.

Sunday 2nd August. Divine Service at Skipton Spiritualist Church at 6pm

Monday 3rd August. Service at Oldham Spiritualist Church at 7.30pm

Friday 7th August. Support Circle at 7pm – 8.30pm. (Please note change of start & finish time) Open to those who have attended the ‘Awakening to Mediumship’ Workshop.

Sunday 9th August. ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 11am-3pm. Using a combination of guided meditation and crystal energy this Workshop helps to access, understand and resolve Past Life experiences. You will also be given the techniques to continue working with your past life material at a pace and time that is suitable for you. Cost £25

Wednesday 12th August. ‘Awakening to Psychic Ability’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am- 4pm. This workshop allows you to open up more fully your psychic abilities using your insight about auras & chakras. I will demonstrate how to ground and protect your energies so that you can work safely. You will also have an opportunity to establish and experience psychic links for yourself. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Sunday 16th August. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Saturday 22nd August. Divine Service at Keighley Spiritualist Church at 7pm.

Wednesday 26th August ‘Awakening to Awareness’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. My first workshop is suitable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of what psychic abilities are, auras or chakras. You will be introduced to your inner energy systems and personal vibrational level. I will also provide information and guidance about energizing your own aura and chakras so that you will be able to begin to reawaken your own psychic gifts. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Wednesday 26th August. Mediumship @ Milans at 8pm . An evening of messages from Spirit. Cost £6.00 Due to ill-health the booked medium, Denise Butterworth has had to postpone her appearance. Join me & a guest instead for a relaxing & entertaining evening.

Friday 28th Augustat 12 midnight to Saturday 29th August at 6am. A Paranormal Investigation of The Courtyard, Wards End, Halifax, West Yorkshire. Join me & my team for an interesting investigation of this building that in recent times has been turned into a pub. Explore from cellar to attic as we seek to confirm the reports of ghost activity. Cost £25. Please book early to avoid disappointment as numbers ARE limited (a £10 non-refundable depsoit is required with all bookings).

Psychic News Article

I’ve just downloaded my copy of the latest issue of Psychic News & am delighted with the article they have put in about me. It follows on from the one by Diane Crabtree, Women’s Editor of the Halifax Courier (click here). It’s lovely coming after the frustration of the banner yesterday. Also, new banner in place. Tomorrow night at Todmorden Cricket Club will be good – messages from Spirit are already waiting to be delivered!

One of the new things I’m trying is a ‘Come Dine With a Medium’, tapas, talk & messages evening on 24th July at a very active, haunted location – Kershaw House Inn, Luddenden, Halifax. It’s ticket only (£15) & I’ll be visiting every table to give messages & answer questions about psychics & mediumship. I’ll also have my bag of crystals with me & will also give crystal readings too.

I’m also discussing another ‘ghost night’ at a venue in Halifax, West Yorkshire & the location appears to be nicely active. After that I’ll be planning for Halloween & a paranormal event at our regular, private location near Hebden Bridge. More details will be posted to the events page as they are confirmed.

Finally, I’m sorting out Autumn workshop dates for people developing psychic & mediumship abilities. Again, I’ll post as soon as they are confirmed.

love & light

Sunny Sunday

It’s lovely & sunny here in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire so I’ve taken the morning off work. I’ve had a hectic week so not got chance to update the blog much. Still haven’t sorted the comments prob & no time to really this past few days. I was at Bankfoot Spiritulaist Church, Bradford on Thursday to do their Open Circle service. It was lovely to work with high energy & there were good messages & evidence coming through. My friend Jilly also came with me & gave a lovely message to a lady.

On Friday I did one of my Crystal Specials at Ashton Under Lyne Spiritualist Church. There was a good crowd so Spirit World made me work faster to get out as many messages as possible. I like working at speed because that way most people can go home with eveidence that their loved ones are still around them & with a message to help them in their current situations. They also get to keep the crystal they have picked & that will help change their aura energy for the better too. The feedback was good & the messages were spot on. I love how my guides & the spirits who come are loud & clear & give me really accurate stuff as evidence.

OperatorI’ve had a lot of private sittings to do & a lovely phone reading. The connection happens whether the  person I’m reading for is sitting in the same room as me or not. Distance is no barrier to Spirit & in some ways, it makes me marvel at how much they want to communicate that they send me people from all over so I can deliver the messages.

Today I’m going to Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church for their 3pm Sunday service. This is a friendly little church in my home town. The President is a wonderful international medium called Sioux Lowe & she is going to be appearing at the ‘Mediumship @ Milans’ club (Milans Hotel, Halifax, West Yorkshire) on Wednesday 29th July. Come & see her if you get chance as she is fun to watch.

Got to dash now,

love & light

Do I Make You Smile?

Still trying to remove an old bit of a page that seems to have got stuck on my blog page. I found out today, through a very helpful network administrator on Ning how to do RSS feeds but still not quite cracked it for the web site. LOL!

Went to Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church on Sunday & shared a service at Bankfoot Spiritualist Church, Bradford in the evening with a lovely medium called Sioux Lowe. Had a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday at a school Summer Fayre (& it didn’t rain until after we all went home). Tuesday back to work sorting out arrangements for up coming events. Today I’ve had a Home Circle & joined Facebook & Twitter (my friend Maura told me they were easy to use … hmmm. I’m waiting for someone to make me a friend or follow me so I can see if I can manage. If only the Spirit World was on Twitter/Facebook as I always get a connection with them. LOL!

My week

I can’t believe that we are a third of the way through 2009! And I’m still tweeking the web site as I learn more about HTML than I thought I would ever want to.

Today I’ve been updating the look of the site & trying to understand how to change the code to get the pages to do what I want. Just the kind of thing I could use some Spirit help with as I’m a novice at the technical stuff – but Spirit are keeping very quiet. Perhaps there isn’t a guide readily available with the technical knowledge? LOL!

They have been with me very much tho when I’ve been working this week. I’m busy planning & organising events for May, June & July and it’s lovely that the people I need are being placed in front of me so I can get things done. I’ve also had a lot of mediumship work as I had my regular Mediumship @ Milans evening (working with Paul Hunt) and a Trance Circle.

I also went to Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church for their regular monthly Open Circle. Lots of Spiritualist Churches hold Open Circles & these are a good way for anyone interested in finding out about mediumship & spiritualism to see people working & giving messages from Spirit. I believe we are all able to have our own mediumship link to Spirit & going to an Open Circle can support you in finding out about your own abilities. Some churches also offer Awareness or Development classes for anyone who wants to explore & develop their own abilities. If you get chance check out what is available in your area.

This weekend I’ll be running one of my development workshops. I have a lovely bunch of people who are getting their mediumship link in place & it’s always exciting when people find they can also receive clear & supportive Spirit guidance directly. I love when the angels & guides come around these groups as our energy is always uplifted & we are always given hope for the continuing progression of the human race.

The I get a day off for the (UK) May Day Bank Holiday. Wherever you are & whatever you are doing, have a lovely weekend.

Love & Light, Annie Conboy

PS: Still struggling to get rid of a bit of old info at the top of this page! Ooops.