Psychic Art: Painting the energy

Crystal Gazing Collection : Amathyst
Crystal Gazing Collection : Amethyst

One of the things I really appreciate is the chance to get our my paints & pencils and play. I rediscovered my artistic creativity in 2009 when, prompted by Spirit, I visited an artist called Pat Senior. She helped me to get started again with paint & canvas but it took me a journey into encaustic wax art & watercolour to find my feet. All the time I was working with the paints etc I felt the presence of my Guides. I soon began to realise that they were stepping forward all the time I got creative to channel through the work.

I’m not (at present) a fine artist – my drawing ability is rather poor. I work a lot with abstract, with colour & flow. Usually I paint upside down. But I love the energy that takes over my hands & arms to shape wonderful pictures. Those pictures also have distinctly different vibrational energy, reflecting the different painters who work through me at present. I haven’t asked for their names – what is important is to get their energy vibration into the world & in front of people who need that vibe. They are content not to be identified too as they have left any human status far behind. These lovely beings work now to bring in healing & love through the pictures.

Moe recently my work has come through as collections; individual pictures that are part of a set but can be accessed one by one as needed. I know that some of them are meant to be a one off whilst others can be reproduced. In fact, some of them don’t even like me taking their photos so that I can keep a record of each one. I believe their energy is too delicate to be disrupted by a flash. Or I get strange effects on the photo that can’t be seen on the original. All part of the mystery of each picture really. It’s surprising what you can see when you look at them for a time. Often faces & figures are peeping out. Or when the lighting is changed the picture reveals shapes or bands that I didn’t know I’d painted in.

Most paintings are done in a very short time (10-15 minutes). This shouldn’t surprise me but it always does. From a blank sheet of paper or canvas to finished in such short order is the usual way unless I get in the middle of the process. Sometimes I’m so keen to know what I’m painting, or I feel as if I should be directing what is happening. Then I usually end up with a messy blotch, lol, & a quiet voice telling me to be patient. There is always laughter when I’m working because they know me so well. Even when I have to start all over again the creativity is always fun!

The Night Garden Collection
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Grat Central Sun Portal
Great Central Sun Portal






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