‘Awakening Workshops’

I love running workshops. It’s great to get questions & find myself giving explanations inspired by my Spirit Guides. It’s lovely to feel people blending their energy & making progress together towards spiritual development. It’s fun just finding out! I often realise I learn as much as anyone on the workshops because my questions get answered too.

In August I’m running my ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ workshop (a favourite of mine) and all three of the component workshops to enable anyone to open up & develop their mediumship. In September I’m also running a 10 week Development Circle so that people can carry on strengthening their link to Spirit. I love the Past Life work because it can really help to identify patterns of behaviour & emotion that are in this life but really belong to an earlier life. I believe that reincarnation is the way we make our journey towards being fully integrated with the Divine, One Central Sun, God/ess or what ever you choose to call the creative force. So helping people to access & work with the wisdom & challenges present by past lives is really exciting.

For those who find they need a deeper understanding of some of the lives affecting them I also offer Past Life Readings. My Spirit Guides are always on hand to access the Akashic Record & allow me to take a peek at the ‘books’ that people are still connected to in this life. Sometimes just understanding why certain events happened at a certain time in our life can really help us to put the puzzle pieces together & move forward more confidently.

Love & Light