Surviving the floods

IMG_3138My town, Hebden Bridge, along with so many others in the Calder Valley, has taken a real hit from flooding on Boxing Day. A lot of homes, shops, businesses & property have been temporarily destroyed. The big clean up will take a while but the town is still vibrant & alive. If you are near an area that has flooded you can always help – basic equipment is required for families who have lost most of their normal living equipment and you can send your positive vibes to everyone too. Most of all you can visit us as we are back up & running. This will support the many small businesses who will be building themselves up once again.

For a town with so many independent shops & businesses getting help is vital. We want to trade, share our services and see everyone enjoying our unique town once more. I have received so much support. It does count. It has made a huge difference to me whilst I’m dealing with the fall out of the floods. It also means I can offer the same positive support to others who have been more badly affected. So keep on sending your good vibes to every affected area. If you feel you would like to support us financially please have a look at the items in my Shop. We are also part of a Crowd Funding campaign so take a look at the rewards and make a donation. I’m offering sessions of Reiki & healing meditation to people affected by the flooding at my Centre at very reduced cost – your purchases mean I can offer that much more. Or put Hebden Bridge on your list of places to visit soon & call in to the Centre for a cuppa.

It’s also important to think about all the other areas dealing with flood damage. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to support Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and all other affected areas. Let’s all do what we can!