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I’m back at work after a short break, catching up with emails,  appointments & plans for my 2010 work. Although it has been snowy (much to my daughter’s delight) when you work from home bad weather outside doesn’t stop the stuff you have to do. So a quick note about some of my up-coming work :

Monday nights – Beginners Development Circle

Wednesday Nights – Intermediate Development Circle

The Zentists, York – Readings 9th February, Evening of Mediumship 2nd March,

Awakening to Mediumship Sun 28th Feb, Awakening to Past Lives Sun 21st March

Derrytresk, Northern Ireland – Evening of Mediumship 20th Feb, Readings – 22nd & 23rd

Workshops in Hebden Bridge are running every month – please check the relevant page. Also, Milans Psychic Club continues on the last Wednesday of every month – January is our Psychic Pot Luck night so come along for a one to one reading. I also have a list of church services for the year that I’ll post soon.

Love & Light x

August 2009 Events

Here are the events I’m doing for August. Looking forward to being busy!

Sunday 2nd August. Shaw Spiritualist Church Mind, Body, Spirit Fair at Shaw Masonic Hall from 10am – 5pm. Come along for a crystal reading & help support the church.

Sunday 2nd August. Divine Service at Skipton Spiritualist Church at 6pm

Monday 3rd August. Service at Oldham Spiritualist Church at 7.30pm

Friday 7th August. Support Circle at 7pm – 8.30pm. (Please note change of start & finish time) Open to those who have attended the ‘Awakening to Mediumship’ Workshop.

Sunday 9th August. ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 11am-3pm. Using a combination of guided meditation and crystal energy this Workshop helps to access, understand and resolve Past Life experiences. You will also be given the techniques to continue working with your past life material at a pace and time that is suitable for you. Cost £25

Wednesday 12th August. ‘Awakening to Psychic Ability’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am- 4pm. This workshop allows you to open up more fully your psychic abilities using your insight about auras & chakras. I will demonstrate how to ground and protect your energies so that you can work safely. You will also have an opportunity to establish and experience psychic links for yourself. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Sunday 16th August. ‘Awakeing to Mediumship’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. This workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Saturday 22nd August. Divine Service at Keighley Spiritualist Church at 7pm.

Wednesday 26th August ‘Awakening to Awareness’ Workshop. 74 Caldene Ave, Mytholmroyd. 10am – 4pm. My first workshop is suitable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of what psychic abilities are, auras or chakras. You will be introduced to your inner energy systems and personal vibrational level. I will also provide information and guidance about energizing your own aura and chakras so that you will be able to begin to reawaken your own psychic gifts. Cost£50. Please bring a packed lunch.

Wednesday 26th August. Mediumship @ Milans at 8pm . An evening of messages from Spirit. Cost £6.00 Due to ill-health the booked medium, Denise Butterworth has had to postpone her appearance. Join me & a guest instead for a relaxing & entertaining evening.

Friday 28th Augustat 12 midnight to Saturday 29th August at 6am. A Paranormal Investigation of The Courtyard, Wards End, Halifax, West Yorkshire. Join me & my team for an interesting investigation of this building that in recent times has been turned into a pub. Explore from cellar to attic as we seek to confirm the reports of ghost activity. Cost £25. Please book early to avoid disappointment as numbers ARE limited (a £10 non-refundable depsoit is required with all bookings).

‘Awakening Workshops’

I love running workshops. It’s great to get questions & find myself giving explanations inspired by my Spirit Guides. It’s lovely to feel people blending their energy & making progress together towards spiritual development. It’s fun just finding out! I often realise I learn as much as anyone on the workshops because my questions get answered too.

In August I’m running my ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ workshop (a favourite of mine) and all three of the component workshops to enable anyone to open up & develop their mediumship. In September I’m also running a 10 week Development Circle so that people can carry on strengthening their link to Spirit. I love the Past Life work because it can really help to identify patterns of behaviour & emotion that are in this life but really belong to an earlier life. I believe that reincarnation is the way we make our journey towards being fully integrated with the Divine, One Central Sun, God/ess or what ever you choose to call the creative force. So helping people to access & work with the wisdom & challenges present by past lives is really exciting.

For those who find they need a deeper understanding of some of the lives affecting them I also offer Past Life Readings. My Spirit Guides are always on hand to access the Akashic Record & allow me to take a peek at the ‘books’ that people are still connected to in this life. Sometimes just understanding why certain events happened at a certain time in our life can really help us to put the puzzle pieces together & move forward more confidently.

Love & Light