Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

When I was on a recent workshop with Darren Linton I was privileged to meet some amazing people. One of them was Pat Senior – the Angel In Hobnail Boots. She is a talented artist, writer & teacher with such a positive & outgoing outlook that just talking to her is like a breath of fresh air. She is passionate about helping animals, especially dogs, & about bringing together as many people as possible so that we can pass positively through the Ascension changes beginning in 2012. Pat’s vision is to be able to encourage as many people as possible onto the spiritual journey & to support them as they make progress. I am sure this wonderful lady will accomplish exactly that!

In reviewing the angelic workshop I attended I also want to encourage as many people as possible to make contact with the angelic realm (& Darren or Pat can certainly help with that). Our spiritual friends, the angels, would be delighted to help us in any way they can – if only we will ask & then accept the help. There are lovely books out there that can help too, see these authors on Cygnus Books : Doreen Vitrue, Diana Cooper, Lorna Byrne & Jackie Newcomb. Take time to let the angels into your life & you will find that there are many ordinary people doing extraordinary things as a result of their contact with the angelic realm. As Abba said ‘I believe in Angels, Something good in everything I seeĀ  … I have a dream’. With the help of your Angels find your dream & live it – I finally feel I am.

Love & Light