Spirituality is …

Spiritualityis0214  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that life is full of joy. Especially when there is a lot of stress around. It can become part of our expectation of life that we experience difficulties in most or all of what we do. Sometimes it feels easier to say ‘It’s life’s fault!’, ‘It’s unfair!’, ‘No-one else is having things as bad as this!’. Saying those things moves the challenge outside of our ‘self’ into the world. Once in the world we can blame the system, the world, everyone else for whatever we have to deal with. We can create dark times for ourselves.

Yet if we could realise it, go inside ourselves & take a good look we would see that the challenges are a way of building our strength & responsibility. That within each situation there is always something to be joyful about – no matter how small that bubble of joy. Being able to recognise those tiny flickers of joy is a way of helping ourselves to connect to a wider understanding. Though life can test us we don’t break. We are part of a wider community of Spirit, all of whom, physically on the Earth or not, are connected to a Divine source of unconditional love & forgiveness. Next time you feel that the world has gone a bit dark find the Light within you and shine brightly!

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