Séance Night 4th October 2013

Have you ever been to a Séance night? Until 4th October I never had.

My experience of the night was amazing and breath taking. All my previous Psychic experience had mainly been under the Guidance of Annie. At the beginning of the night Annie went through all the important information such in case of a fire. During the first part of the night when we were focusing on building our energy we were guided by Annie’s voice and her instructions. The whole group experienced Spirit activity so we slowly released the energy we had built so we could break the circle.

When we were taking a tour of the building Annie kept asking us if we could feel a change whenever we changed location. Everybody felt different things in different locations, some parts of the building were warm and others were cool. Some parts of the building took on a smell that is not usually there such as a damp cool smell that you experience when going into a cellar. During the tour we all took a pendulum with us which Annie had provided to most of us that did not bring one. She showed everybody how to hold it and we all held our pendulums to see if it would recognise any activity. Every pendulum experienced activity depending on which part of the building it was in.

Before we started the Glass Divination activity Annie explained to us what to do and once we started Annie watched us and made sure we were okay. She also gave us helpful tips such as asking a question that you know is not true to see if the Spirit can answer the question correctly. I was definitely more comfortable joining in the Glass Divination because I knew Annie was there if I needed any help or did not feel sure.

We all split off into groups of three but before we left Annie asked if we would go into specific areas that had good Spirit Activity. We could not really rely on the noises we heard during this activity because there were many of us spread out across the building and it could be other people we could hear instead of Spirits communicating so my group focused on the answers we go with out pendulums.

The night was extremely exciting but the only downside was that the time went so quick!
We had been at the Séance for four hours but it only felt like two minutes. The people that came along for the night really made it an enjoyable night too. Everybody were really friendly and I found it easy to strike up a conversation with anybody. The atmosphere during the night was so comfortable and relaxing which made the whole night easy. Everybody was there for the same reason, and that was to experience Spirit activity.

Kira. x

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