What happens in a Spirit reading?

These are my notes for anyone attending a Spirit reading with me. I’m posting them as it’s not always easy to work out how to find a reliable Psychic or Medium. The best recommendation tends to be from a person you know who has had a reading from that particular Psychic or Medium. Or you might have had the chance to see the person do some work in public for example in a Spiritualist church, at a Mind, Body, Spirit fayre or in their own show.

If you want to have a reading with a particular Psychic or Medium you can ask if they have any guidelines or written explanation of what will happen in the reading. You can also ask if there is anyone they have had a reading with who you can speak to to get a recommendation. Also ask what they do if you feel your reading is not satisfactory. And finally, although this is not a guarantee, you can also ask if they belong to an appropriate association.  There are very many excellent Psychics & Mediums all over the world so do your homework. Then go along with an open mind & enjoy your reading.

“If you are thinking of having a sitting but feel too afraid don’t worry. Annie is excellent & understands you can be apprehensive, but makes you totally at ease.” Judith

Private Sittings are a way for a Medium like me to use Spirit Communication and bring forward the Spirits who take an interest in your life. You can see demonstrations of this type of communication at Spiritualist Churches or during Evenings of Clairvoyance. The only difference in what happens, when you come to see me personally, is that your Sitting will be held in private.

Please note that when contacting Spirit there can be no  guarantee of  who will come forward to work with a Medium. Spirit Communication is experimental – the Medium makes herself open to the Spirit World and has no say over who will be waiting to speak to you. Most people feel they have had a positive experience in attending a Sitting but if you feel you have not please say so.

“I had a private reading with Annie. I thought the experience was brilliant. People came through & gave messages. A lot were very relevant. I felt this was a very positive reading and quite emotional. I would recommend this to anyone.” Jo

Quite a few people think that a Sitting will be like having someone tell your fortune or your future. That is not possible! My job is to give you evidence that life continues beyond death. By doing that I can also pass on messages from the people who cared for you when they were alive. They will not pass on anything to worry or upset you but they do want you to know that they still care and want to be of assistance to you.

“It made me feel better knowing I could contact loved ones on the other side” Katie

So that you can be clear that the contact is from the Spirit World I prefer not to know anything about you before you come for a Sitting. Usually all I know is your name! The Spirits who bring their messages tell me what they wish me to pass on  – and only that. They will respect your privacy as they would have done in life. I don’t need to know details to  communicate what they would like you to know about the situations affecting your life. Also, working in this way, Mediums very rarely remember what has been discussed in a message. If you have any concerns about confidentiality please let me know.

“I really wanted my Dad to come through but now I understand why he can’t do just yet. Having my Grandma explain about how the Spirit World works & passing on his message was a special experience.” Louise

You can help your Sitting go well. Keep an open mind and send your thoughts out to all who know you in the Spirit World (and some of these may be people you only knew briefly or family members who actually passed before you were born!). Ask them to come to speak to you. Be honest if you can’t understand anything I say or describe. Spirit are only too happy to give more details.

Finally, it may seem strange that during the Sitting it helps me if you only tell me “Yes”, “No”, “Don’t Know” or “Maybe”. Since Spirit want to do the talking you need to leave the Sitting knowing that I have not given you back information you have just given to me.  Afterwards I will be only too happy to discuss any confirmation of what I’ve said on behalf of Spirit.

Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants: What do they do?

There are always a lot of questions about what psychics, mediums & clairvoyants do. Some people think that they can only get Spirit messages from clairvoyants, some that psychics can tune into Spirit and many who just get confused by all the names floating around. This is my explanation – you don’t have to accept it. We are ‘thinking beings’. I would be delighted if you use my explanation to think about what you understand or believe psychic & Spirit contact is.

Put at it’s simplest:

A Psychic has the ability to read the aura (or energy system) that we all have around us as a physical individual. Because we can’t see it or touch it most of us are unaware of it’s existence. But it is there. And someone who has opened up to the information coming to them through their psychic senses can ‘read’ the energy & tell you what is most probably going to happen. They can also tell you what has happened, what is happening at the moment & the things your energy is trying to draw in for you in the future. This is NOT fortune-telling.

An experienced Psychic can also link through you to the energy of all those who are connected to you or around you e.g. lovers, family, friends, workmates, neighbours. By ‘reading’ the energy of the people around you the Psychic can also see where their interests can be the same or different to yours and so how ‘probable’ your wishes & hopes are since your life choices are directly affected by the people who are around you.

Psychic readings pick up on YOUR agenda – what you would like to have happen in your life – checks this against the agendas of the other people around you and then gives you the best ‘probable’ outcome. We all have FREE WILL so we can choose what we do. That is why no-one can tell you your future. If you don’t like the sound of what you have been told you will do something completely different!

A Medium is someone who has opened up to the aura of the people physically present in this world and also to the aura of people who have died. People who have died are in the ‘Spirit World’ and can come into the aura of a Medium to communicate. Mediums get this communication by seeing (Clairvoyance), hearing (Clairaudience), sensing (Clairsentience), knowing (Claircognizance), tasting (Clairgustance) or smelling (Clairalience). So someone who is a Clairvoyant gets messages more strongly through seeing pictures/figures/words/symbols etc. But all forms of ‘Clair’ can be used by an experienced Medium at one time or another.

Spirit readings through a Medium pick up on SPIRIT’s agenda – what else may be happening in your life that you have ignored, failed to notice or have lost sight of. Spirit readings should always contain evidence that is personal to you about the Spirit who has come forward or about yourself. The Medium should be comfortable with you only giving Yes & No responses as Spirit should be able to explain in more detail anything you don’t understand. In my experience Spirit always want to give a message so that you can understand issues or aspects of your life better. They do not tell you to do anything in particular & they cannot make decisions for you. Remember, we have FREE WILL & will do exactly what we choose to do. That is why Spirit do not tell you your future. If you don’t like what you have been told you will do something completely different!

Before you have a reading please think about why you are going.

Do you want to be told what to do?
A reading will not do this.

Do you want to find out if your family & friends are in Spirit World?
A Spirit reading will do this.

Do you want your fortune told?
A reading will not do this.

Do you want some insight into the issues you feel you have in your life?
A Psychic reading will do this.

Do you want to test the reader by only getting a particular piece of information?
A reading will not do this – you may reject all of the good information you are given as the one item you want may not be given.

Do you want to get all of the support that is available to you so you can look at life as clearly as possible?
Both kinds of reading will do this

A few words from Jean

1)  Wishful thinking can make you believe a lot of rubbish.   Suffering is a killer for those watching.

2)  There are a lot of mediums out there who are still paralyzed by fear and worried about failure. Self doubt is a cripple.

3)  There are a lot of budding spirity people out there with a little knowledge, who make judgments about others. Must guard against it myself.

4)  My guide is happy to let me do all the talking.  No change there then!

5)  Twin flames can be very lovely but also a pain in the bum.

6)  I have always given others the benefit of the doubt, forgiven, allowed them to make their mistakes knowing how greatly it would impact on me, and understood why they do what they do. Must allow myself the same grace,
whilst at the same time, feel the pain then drop it. Easy peasy! Thanks Deepak Chopra.

7)  Sometimes spirity people know a lot more than they let on about and even when asked a direct yes/no question, don’t answer. No doubt have to answer my own question. Perhaps even stop asking questions and go with the flow.

8)  I am a lot smarter and kinder than I have ever given myself credit for.I wont believe anyone who tells me I’m not again, but at the same time will keep my blinkers off……….easy!

9)  I am carrying around a lot more baggage than I realised. No wonder my body is knackered.

10)    Sometimes the spirit world just want to come through to let you know they are there and that they love you. They really don’t mind being bothered and it doesn’t have to be for a very profound reason.

11)  This spiritual healing can make you feel proper selfish.

12)  These reiki atunements don’t half make you barmy and feel shocking.

With Love, Light and Laughter

Thank you for sharing with me Jean & making me think.

A blog a day keeps the doctor away ….

Sometimes we get to walk through a challenging period in our life and wonder how we survive without going mad or sad. For the last 3 years I’ve been supporting my partner as he has tried to make sense of the way his employer has treated him. He has had several spells of illness due to stress and the depression it has brought on. Sadly, he has never found it easy to talk to anyone about his feelings so the counseling he has accessed has been more of a sticking plaster than anything. I’ve been more lucky. My friends have been my saviours. They have listened endlessly & patiently to my feelings as I’ve struggled to support my partner & myself to stay optimistic.  So I know that talking really helps.

Yet my poor blog has had to suffer – talking publicly about what has been happening hasn’t been an option as we were in the Employment Tribunal process & didn’t want to create more problems. Now that has ended & I’ve got free time to post again (both about me, my work & about how life is going). And we will not know the outcome for about 4-6 weeks. So, to my good friends, expect me to do still more talking ….. & to my blog friends, expect me to start being more up to date.

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Barnoldswick Investigation

We conducted a paranormal investigation at a location near Barnoldswick on 30th December 2009. Here are some of the pictures:

Checking out the location
Dowsing with a Pendulum
Mist? Spirit?

More mist? Or Spirit?

Asking for Spirit contact
Spirit contact?

On the video footage we noticed a few orbs & there was a lot of clairvoyant activity. During the seance using the cup we also noticed a light anomaly on the back wall of one of the rooms (this area appeared to be particularly active).  The footage as it has uploaded is not to the best quality but have a look & see what you think:

Barnoldswick Investigation

Snow …. what snow?

Winter Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~

I’m back at work after a short break, catching up with emails,  appointments & plans for my 2010 work. Although it has been snowy (much to my daughter’s delight) when you work from home bad weather outside doesn’t stop the stuff you have to do. So a quick note about some of my up-coming work :

Monday nights – Beginners Development Circle

Wednesday Nights – Intermediate Development Circle

The Zentists, York – Readings 9th February, Evening of Mediumship 2nd March,

Awakening to Mediumship Sun 28th Feb, Awakening to Past Lives Sun 21st March

Derrytresk, Northern Ireland – Evening of Mediumship 20th Feb, Readings – 22nd & 23rd

Workshops in Hebden Bridge are running every month – please check the relevant page. Also, Milans Psychic Club continues on the last Wednesday of every month – January is our Psychic Pot Luck night so come along for a one to one reading. I also have a list of church services for the year that I’ll post soon.

Love & Light x

Happy Holiday Season

Whatever you have been doing to celebrate this festive season I hope you have had love, laughter & good times. Winter is a time to reflect on the ‘harvest’ of our year just ending.  I hope you have had some excellent times amongst the challenges that 2009 has brought & that as you pause over this time of celebration you have those around you who love you & care about you. I’d like to include in those all the wonderful Spirit people who are around us whenever we need them. All we have to do is ask: ask for help; ask for inspiration; ask for healing; and, ask for the same gifts to be given to others. Our intentions manifest – by asking Spirit to help us we can send a wish for more positive times for the future. Not the distant future but the immediate – in the next 5 minutes, the next hour or tomorrow.

I have had a lovely day with my family &, for today, have not let worry, anxiety or negativity have a place in my life. I wish you the same positive energy, love, light & healing. You have been with me throughout a difficult year & I thank you for your kindness, interest & support.

Peace On Earth xxx

Celtic Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Gift Vouchers & Readings

It’s lovely to give presents & my daughter is certainly hoping she’s been good enough for Santa to call at our house this year. But giving gifts can happen any time. If you have someone in your life who you feel would like a reading, workshop or to attend a paranormal event then I have available now a gift voucher that can be used for a phone, photo or face to face reading, workshop or paranormal event. Vouchers can be purchased from as little as £5 & can be used as full or part payment for a gift of your choice. Please click here to purchase:

I am available for telephone readings (Card, Crystal, Spirit or Past Life) during the day & evening. To arrange a sitting please email booksitting@gia-ltd.co.uk with details of your preferred times & days and I can make an appointment to ring you. Payment can be made by Paypal or cheque: the sitting costs £30 for 45 minutes. A recording of the reading can be sent by CD or MP3. For further information see my Private Sittings page.

I am also able to provide Past Life readings by email (cost £15.00). To do this please email a personal photo of yourself to booksitting@gia-ltd.co.uk and I will return a reading to you. For more information see my Photo Readings page.

I regularly organise paranormal investigations to locations ‘off the beaten track’ where I have been able to confirm activity takes place. The dates are posted on my Events page so keep checking!

Psychic Art

I haven’t blogged for quite a while & I’ve loads to update you on in future posts. This one is about discovering my psychic art & a guide called George who is working with me. He joined me in mid-September & since then I’ve been daubing in any spare moments I get (not often enough for George but he’s learning to be patient & I’m learning to paint!). I also have to thank Pat Senior, a brilliant artist & creative lady, for her encouragement & support. Below are some of the things I’ve done & they are also available as limited edition prints.

Love & Light

Ink Blot 2

Ink Blot



Angel I

Angel I

Annie painting

If you would like to purchase a signed, limited edition print (£10 plus £3.00 postage) please click here:


Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

When I was on a recent workshop with Darren Linton I was privileged to meet some amazing people. One of them was Pat Senior – the Angel In Hobnail Boots. She is a talented artist, writer & teacher with such a positive & outgoing outlook that just talking to her is like a breath of fresh air. She is passionate about helping animals, especially dogs, & about bringing together as many people as possible so that we can pass positively through the Ascension changes beginning in 2012. Pat’s vision is to be able to encourage as many people as possible onto the spiritual journey & to support them as they make progress. I am sure this wonderful lady will accomplish exactly that!

In reviewing the angelic workshop I attended I also want to encourage as many people as possible to make contact with the angelic realm (& Darren or Pat can certainly help with that). Our spiritual friends, the angels, would be delighted to help us in any way they can – if only we will ask & then accept the help. There are lovely books out there that can help too, see these authors on Cygnus Books : Doreen Vitrue, Diana Cooper, Lorna Byrne & Jackie Newcomb. Take time to let the angels into your life & you will find that there are many ordinary people doing extraordinary things as a result of their contact with the angelic realm. As Abba said ‘I believe in Angels, Something good in everything I see  … I have a dream’. With the help of your Angels find your dream & live it – I finally feel I am.

Love & Light