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‘5 Minute Meditation’

My new CD

A CD to help you access meditation & begin to awaken your psychic ability. I have been guided to teach people how to become tuned in to their natural psychic senses. As someone who found meditation difficult to do I have developed these tracks to help you enter your own inner world. In that space you will find knowledge, abilities & Spirit contact that you might never have thought possible.

1/ Learning to Meditate 8.04
2/ Aura Cleaning 10.49
3/Chakra Power 17.23
4/ Grounding & Protection 14.32
5/Self Healing 10.18

A Conboy & The WoodDragon Alternative Tracks mixed by Asif Saba

You can listen to the first track on YouTube

The CD can be purchased by clicking on the Paypal button below. If you want to collect a CD it is also available from Peru2U in Darwen, Lancs & The Zentist, York.


Available now – a gift voucher that can be used for a phone or face to face reading, workshop or paranormal event. Use as full or part payment.Vouchers can be purchased from as little as £5.

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Whether you are a little bit inquisitive, already a big fan or a complete skeptic, come along on 19th May 2011, to The Green Room, at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax to enter into the spirit of things and join Annie Conboy for the opening night of her Love, Light and Laughter Tour UK.

Audience members will be captivated and impressed by the accuracy of psychic & medium Annie’s readings, her explanations of why and how spirit work with her as she brings together the earthly and ethereal  dimensions, linking the spiritual world to our own. Those who have passed on can come back to the people they love, and through Annie, can pass on messages of love and support.

Mediums come in all guises, shapes and sizes, yet when you meet Annie, you’ll be struck by her down to earth practicality. No strange robes, jangly earrings or funny headscarves. No chanting or dramatic makeup. This international woman of mystery is an ordinary working mother, living as we all do, doing the best we can to do the right thing. The difference is that Annie has worked to develop her abilities and skills at connecting with the spirit world, to bring back messages of confirmation that our loved ones are still connected to us, still supporting us, and still linked to us in love.

Annie says “As a young woman I was always sceptical about psychics and mediums, so it was very strange in my mid thirties when I started to feel someone or something stroking my hair, tickling my ear or tapping my arm. I was surprised at being able to read tarot and playing cards accurately, and even more amazed to join a psychic development circle that led to me ‘going public’ about the spirit contact I was receiving. Now I’m a full time Psychic Medium, very busy and enjoying how much the messages from spirit can help people. Life definitely isn’t slowing down, my work for spirit feels like it is only just beginning.”

Spend an hour in a reading, or go to one of her events and see it for yourself. The fact that it seems so ordinary makes it so remarkable. Annie brings back evidence that we and those we love, live on. She will bring you, from your loved ones, things that only you know about and that she couldn’t guess. And she will pass on, from your loved ones, messages of support and love. “Put simply”, says Annie, “through love in this life, and in the next, no-one gets left behind.”

You may also discover when you meet her, that you are being encouraged to develop your own psychic abilities. When giving talks and teaching in her workshops Annie always explains, ”I believe that everyone is born with psychic ability, we have just forgotten how to use it.” She provides information and encourages people to find out more because “there are many ways to open up to your psychic potential”.

For tickets please see Events

Diary Dates

Just a quick post with details of my events over the next few months. More info is on the relevant pages:

Past Lives Psychic & Medium Workshops Mediumship@Milans Writing & Drawing


3rd    Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church Summer Fayre, New Rd    10am-4pm

Annie will be doing Encaustic Wax readings

15th    Annie’s Psychic Art will be on display at The Bear Café, Todmorden for a month.

28th     Mediumship@Milans    Carlton Place, Halifax    8pm

31st    Awakening to Past Lives Workshop  11am- 4pm Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge


1st    Awakening to Channelled Writing & Drawing  11am – 4pm Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge

4th    Private Readings at The Zentist, 76 Gillygate, York

14th    Private Readings The Black Swan, Stobhill, Morpeth

25th    Mediumship@Milans    Carlton Place, Halifax    8pm

28th    Private readings Bankfoot Spiritualist Church, Bradford  10.30am-3.30pm


18th    Awakening to Psychic Ability Workshop  11am- 4pm Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge

22nd    (Provisional)    A day of Private Readings    Northern Ireland

29th    Mediumship@Milans    Carlton Place, Halifax    8pm


8-12th    Mystic Retreat to Northern Ireland  Places limited so please enquire early

16th    Awakening to Mediumship  11am – 4pm Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge

19th    Psychic Supper at Idle Spiritualist Church, Idle, Bradford

27th     Mediumship@Milans    Carlton Place, Halifax    8pm

30th     (Provisional) One Psychic Medium: Many Spirits    Northern Ireland
An evening of mediumship

For more information, prices or to book please visit, email or call Annie on 01422 882706


New Age Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

40 Days Together In Worldwide Oneness

Join us in a fast from all negative thoughts and actions
June 21 to August 1, 2010

The Law of Attraction: “Your thoughts create your reality!”


We humans are so close to tipping the balances of the new Light and the old dark energies on this planet. By joining together, for ONE final push, there is a possibility we can finally tip the scales for all of humanity, birthing this new world of Light. We have been preparing for this time since the Mid 1980’s raising the planetary vibrations, ending duality and bringing people worldwide into a state of higher consciousness. This is a calling for the final push of all Lightworkers, 11:11ers, Yoga practitioners, Spiritual and Religious groups to join together and overshadowing any darkness, tipping the scales for the planet into the Light. Remember darkness is ONLY an absence of Light… Shine your Light until there is darkness no more!

In the Higher Realms, before being human, we experienced only Light. There was no darkness there. We chose to incarnate as humans for our soul growth and to feed the mind of God with our experiences. We humans are all of both, Light and Dark. We live in polarity in these lower 3rd dimensional frequencies. Our mission and our lives on this planet has been to fully experience duality and all possibilities in that realm of lower vibrations. We have done this, and now it is time for the journey back home to the Light.

Now it is the time of completion, and time to bring humanity back into the higher realms of Light, or Christ Consciousness, the 5th Dimension. By joining together for 40 Days and shining your inner Light and Love on this planet and to everyone around you, we begin the journey home, and will shift the balance of this transition, having more Light on this planet, than darkness. This will be accomplished in mind and heart of all who participate.

Also the significance of 40 Days of fasting from negative thoughts, will fully anchor one’s Spirit and thought processes into the arena of Light…For one who focuses on it, you can fuse your Spirit with your physical being, bringing Heaven to Earth. I personally can testify to this process, as I am already there. This was a process well known by all Holy Men and is found in all Religions Holy Books. It is time we as humanity do this for ourselves. It is graduation time. It is the time of completion.


These dates were specifically chosen because events known to occur in the month of August. In August there have been more invasions, more wars, nuclear bombs, and just simple dark things happen, than in any other month of the year. At that time, the heat of the summer has taken heavy holds on the emotions of people… In anticipation of changing this to a time of Light, 40 Days leading up to August is being chosen as the time. Also, beginning just after the Summer Solstice has great significance as we begin closing the cycle of the year. We are closing the cycle too of duality, and birthing into a state of Oneness. This event will help establish the Light on the planet, helping to anchor the coming 1000 years of peace.


This is and event that can be participated in or experienced anywhere on Earth. It is a call from inside yourself, from your heart, from On High, from your Spiritual self. All one has to do is consciously choose not to entertain thoughts of Lower vibrations. Turn off your news that feeds the darkness. Turn off your TV, Radio, Computer, Video Games, or anything that keeps you in the lower realms. Think of things Spiritual or of a more vertical thinking rather than the linear thinking of the material world. Yes, we all have to work, take care of our families, and still participate in this 3D world, but we can rise above it, into a different way of thinking and being. It is all in your mind. If you do this lovingly, living through your heart, you will begin to feel a state of bliss, of Pure Love that will begin to overshadow your whole being. When you feel it, anchor it, as that is the new way of being for all of humanity.


Tell your family and friends about this event, and what you are going to do… Ask them to join in, or at least allow you to experience this time in peace for yourself. By doing that, even those who choose not to participate are at least conscious of what is going on

Hopefully everyone will see the significance of what is possible, and that which is being called for to join in. Let everyone know, your families, groups, churches, let it be known via emails, newsletters, and so on. Post it on your FaceBook page, your websites and print it on flyers to post around letting people know.





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Pagan Inspiration

As you know, I love finding inspiration wherever I can. Songs, poetry, art & nature provide us with special glimpses of the Divine Spirit that moves us all as we become a global community of Light. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with inspirational people & discover their creative energy through the work they produce. Juliet, Pat, Jean, Leigh, Ean & many others have let me use their word, pictures & songs. I’ve also posted some of the things I find inspirational on the site & in earlier posts.

I’m really delighted to share with you some wonderful words from another inspirational person – Chosen Angel. I hope you enjoy the energy contained within these verses as much as I have.
Love, Light & Laughter

Chosen Angel: Heart of the Labyrinth (Spiral Dance)

Enter by the gate, and not by the wall,
Ascending the mound, seven times around:
Go by the crooked path, or not at all
for there’s no straight way to the sacred hall.

Make a spiral dance to the sacred space
( Out of time, and out of place )
Deosil in, widdershins out
Stepping with care, becoming aware
Going further up, going further in
Seven times around, to find peace within

Go by the crooked path, else not at all
There’s no straight way, to the sacred hall

As you turn, turning within and without
(Deosil in … widdershins out)
In the Spiral Dance invoke your trance
Embrace your heart and quiet your mind
Stepping the path leaving all behind

Come by the crooked path, else not at all
There’s no straight way, to the sacred hall

You’re turning the corner, fading from sight
Finding Her glade, stepping into the light
Of cathedral trees, and standing stone
Heart of heart, and bone of bone.

In the Heart of the Labyrinth, Her sacred space
( Out of time, and out of place )
Here between worlds, the Goddess rests
Feel her embrace, and her caress
where cathedral trees enclose standing stones
( heart of her heart, and bone of your bone )
In the timeless place, renew your soul
Creation’s garden will make you whole

Leave by the crooked path, or stay for all
For there’s no straight way from the sacred hall.
In a spiral dance, turning within & without
Deosil in, but widdershins out

widdershins out

widdershins out

For Amy & Nigel, Solstice 2010

(c) Chaz Angell 10 June 2010

Belly Dancing Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Chosen Angel: The Rowan

The rowan is a Pixie child,
Formed of Love by Nature wild:
The mountain ash she calls her home
Clings to the crag and drinks the loam,
And hedges ’round the forest Dell
To guard the way to the Naiad’s Well.

In leafy bower by summer’s day
While breezes blow and flowers sway,
Her Dryad sprite oft glimpsed at play
In dappled light and shadows gay
To the music of stone and stream,
In Oberon’s enchanted dream.

Among the blooms she darts in flight.
To dance and sing is her delight,
With dragon-fly and honey-bee
Where no mortal eye may see.

The child-like maid of Imbolc’s fire
Too young for green, and man’s desire,
Come Beltane to her wedding night,
In her full flower: a bride in white.
Wanton woman as autumn fall:
Ruby berries, displayed for all.
But gather not, before Samhain,
Then with her juices, your eyes stain.
The faery realm will be revealed
And mortal man, to Fae is sealed.

For Rowan Tinca Parkes

(c) Chaz Angell 18 April 2010

Nature Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Why I don’t do housework …

This lovely poem came to me via email. I have to say it gave me pause for thought! With thanks to the unknown author …

Cleaning Poem

I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess
He asked if I’d been ‘computering’,
And I had to answer ‘yes.’

He told me to get off my butt,
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up…
The smudges off my mouse.

I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick…
I was just admiring my good work.

I didn’t mean to ‘click.’

But click, I did, and oops – I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into it –
I was into it all night.
So nothing’s changed except my mouse.
It’s as shiny as the sun.
I guess my house will stay a mess…..
While I sit here on my bum.

Love, Light & Laughter

‘Awakening to Channelled Writing & Drawing’

This weekend I ran one of my favorite workshops! I love the opportunity to help people make a connection with their creativity & through that to their Spirit Guides & inspirers. Jackie, Leigh, Sue, Helen & Linda joined me for a day of writing, drawing & fun whilst we explored removing our structured view of the world (and Art) through meditation & ‘messing about with paint, pencils & encaustic wax. After a morning session trying out Inspired Writing & Automatic Writing we  spent a busy & entertaining afternoon with paint, ink & collage. I was impressed with the work everyone produced & we certainly found lots to discuss about the limitations we place on ourselves when it comes to judging artistic ‘standards’. I’ve posted some of the inspirations I received below (with a big Thank You to Pat & Christine who were my Earth plane inspirers).

If you have never tried to work with Spirit in this way I would ask you to try it. All you need is some coloured pencils, chalks or crayons & paper. Find a quiet place & let yourself doodle. For writing it’s even easier – just grab a pen & paper, start writing & don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. If you like you can also spend a few moments in meditation or quiet contemplation asking your Spirit Guides to come forward and help you. Keep trying – even if what you draw or write doesn’t seem very special. This is one thing that definitely improves with practice!

Love & Light

Inspired Writing:

Mine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
I will share it with you
For you are part of me and we are

Do not worry or stress,
This will happen as it should.
So let your guard down
And give me the control.
Trust in my Being.
Believe in yourself.
Be gentle and kind to yourself and to others.
The Way is through Love,
Faith and Belief.

As you come into connection with me
You will be enriched
And so able to enrich others.
Smile in my Light and Love
So that your smile takes in
The whole of Creation.
Be blessed as you work your path.

I will be with you always,
God, Goddess, it matters not
What you believe,
For I Am and so are you.

If you have found these words helpful please feel free to share them. I would appreciate if you could acknowledge where they came from.

Lady With Glasses
Travel In Time
Pillars of Light

Change is on the way

It’s been a very busy time for me recently. Unfortunately I haven’t got to the web site enough so I’m busy updating at the moment. I’ve also launched a new web site at where I will be able to post my personal blog stuff more frequently. will still remain but will focus on my appearances & products (including my workshops). I feel this will streamline the way this site works as there is a lot packed into a little with the web site as it now is. I would like to make it easy for people to find the things they are interested in quickly and easily so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’d like to mention a couple of things I’ve been doing. The first is a CD of a channeled talk I gave in September last year about 2012 – The Year of Awakening. I regularly receive information through my trance mediumship about the questions that are facing us all in this time of changing energies. So it was especially exciting to be given the opportunity to share Spirit insight & guidance on this particular occasion. The CD will soon be available to buy via this web site & I hope to post a snippet for you to listen to soon.

The other thing that has taken some of my time is a Mystic Retreat that took place last weekend in Northern Ireland. This was an inspirational 4 night stay in one of the most peaceful & relaxed parts of Ireland where the energy & Celtic Spirit were easy to tune into. I really enjoyed the whole weekend – although I did much more service to Spirit World than I had expected – with a fantastic group of like-minded Lightworkers.  I’ve posted a few photos below. It was so much fun & deeply moving at the same time.  No surprise that I’m now planning another trip in October this year.

Love & Light

Beaghmore Stone Circles
Otter Lodge, Cookstown
Lough Neagh

Guiding Light

I love working with my team of guides. No matter how much I develop my psychic senses I know I will not get a Spirit link without their help. So the support & explanations they provide are vital.

People often ask the name of my guide & assume there is only one. However I have a lovely team of beings around me; each has their own specialism & way of working. My first guide, the one who came forward as I searched to connect to Spirit World, has stayed with me as my ‘bouncer’. He keeps low energy (negativity) away if I need him to. He also met me very slowly & steadily as our relationship needed time to develop trust. In fact, for most of the first 10 years I pretty much doubted & ignored him. But he was endlessly patient. And, in time, I trusted him enough for us to work together.

As soon as we were working easily together he stepped back.  Really I was ready for a new guide. Once again we had to build up trust. I was unhappy to be moved on when I felt I was working well. It was like learning to walk all over again. The new guide had a different energy & a new way of giving me information. So I chucked my dummy (pacifier) out of the pram! It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the change was right for me; Spirit wanted me to be able to work better for them.

Now I get guides popping in & out all the time. I don’t always have a more personal relationship with each one. I’ve learned to trust that the right being will be with me with the right skills just for whatever I’m doing. So I’m proud to work with a team & be part of a fascinating journey. At the heart of any work to develop mediumship is your relationship with your guides. They are the ones who get you through the bumpy bit at the beginning. They help you build your confidence. The more you pay attention to them & acknowledge them the better Spirit contact & messages will flow.

People also ask me how they will know or identify when a guide is around. As the relationship between Medium & Guide is personal I prefer not to tell people who their guides are – even when I sense, see or hear them. It’s a bit like meeting someone you feel might be that ‘special’ person then your best friend/mother/their mother proceeds to tell you all their likes/dislikes. It really takes the excitement of discovery out of the relationship. It also makes it harder to trust as you have someone else’s opinion parked in your mind.

There is also the chance that I will give someone a stereotype instead of the reality. Tell people they have a Native American guide & most of us will imagine a man, probably a medicine man or chief, in buckskin trousers, bare chested & craggy faced. So the little old lady in a blanket shawl with a careworn face who is really the guide might be a bit of a let down. Or she may feel very restricted being forced to appear as a man! Not a good start to a relationship.

Sensing your guide(s) will depend on which of your psychic senses is the strongest. And the connection can be quite ‘light’ at first. Perhaps a flash in the corner of your eye as if someone is standing at your side. Perhaps an itchy, tingling feeling at the end of your nose or across your head. Perhaps even a buzzing noise in your ear. Sometimes a person seen in dreams. Or an eye just as you drop off to sleep. Try to accept anything that seems to be contact. If it is, it will happen again. If it’s not, at least you have shown your guide you are willing to start a relationship.

Love & Light

What You See Is What You Get

It’s always hard to be sure where you are when you are on a spiritual journey. Sometimes you feel you are progressing nicely; sometimes you feel stuck. Sometimes the progress is amazing. Sometimes everything seems confusing, or painful, or out of control. Yet there are signposts and guides available if you choose to look, listen or ask for them.

One of the hardest parts of the spiritual journey can be to look inward. We are all bright, loving Spirits encased in a clay overcoat. But we forget that as we get on with living a material life. And our material life is driven by patterns, expectations and masks. We fit somewhere along an axis of ‘Holier than thou’ to ‘Humbler than thou’. By this I mean we fluctuate (through ego interaction) between being ‘better than’ and being ‘less than’. It can sometimes seem very challenging to be ‘What You See Is What You Get’. In counseling terms – to be ‘congruent’ with one’s self.

So when we open up to our Spirit and the Spirit World, or the Angelic or Elemental Realms, and to the Divine, as mediums, one of the difficulties is to balance the ‘ego’ vehicle with the Spirit driver. The ego vehicle has learned to think for itself on auto-pilot. It is familiar with being in control – taking the Spirit wherever the ego feels it is best to go. Yet when we awaken to our true Spirit nature and become self aware it is like the driver saying ‘I’ll take over now.’ The autopilot puts up a struggle – usually based around ‘You’re not competent/expert/ clever enough’ and we slow our own progress. If we overcome the tendency to doubt our ability then the ego often steps in again to tell us  ‘You’re the best/greatest/better than’ and we slow our own progress once again as we strive to compete to prove that point.

Only by being aware of these ego traps can we be guided to an inner balance. A place where we can accept our qualities without judging ourself or others; where we understand our true human nature; and, where we can accept our own shadow side. Helping us are the Spirits & beings of other Realms. They gently nudge us to act in our own highest interest. If we become WYSIWYG (wizzywig!) we are authentic and real for the people we hope to help. We are also authentic and real for the Spirits we represent.

So when progressing through your Spiritual journey listen very closely to yourself.

Do you act or react out of a pattern?

Does your ego present you with ‘Holier than/Humbler than’ information?

Are your thoughts on comparing or competition?

Do you know who you are ‘warts & all’?

How often do you offer yourself & others unconditional love & unconditional forgiveness?

Being human is not about perfection. Our imperfections are part of out lessons & lead to our spiritual growth. Acknowledging them and learning from them is at the heart of our spiritual journey. Are YOU at the heart of your clay overcoat?