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As you know, I love finding inspiration wherever I can. Songs, poetry, art & nature provide us with special glimpses of the Divine Spirit that moves us all as we become a global community of Light. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with inspirational people & discover their creative energy through the work they produce. Juliet, Pat, Jean, Leigh, Ean & many others have let me use their word, pictures & songs. I’ve also posted some of the things I find inspirational on the site & in earlier posts.

I’m really delighted to share with you some wonderful words from another inspirational person – Chosen Angel. I hope you enjoy the energy contained within these verses as much as I have.
Love, Light & Laughter

Chosen Angel: Heart of the Labyrinth (Spiral Dance)

Enter by the gate, and not by the wall,
Ascending the mound, seven times around:
Go by the crooked path, or not at all
for there’s no straight way to the sacred hall.

Make a spiral dance to the sacred space
( Out of time, and out of place )
Deosil in, widdershins out
Stepping with care, becoming aware
Going further up, going further in
Seven times around, to find peace within

Go by the crooked path, else not at all
There’s no straight way, to the sacred hall

As you turn, turning within and without
(Deosil in … widdershins out)
In the Spiral Dance invoke your trance
Embrace your heart and quiet your mind
Stepping the path leaving all behind

Come by the crooked path, else not at all
There’s no straight way, to the sacred hall

You’re turning the corner, fading from sight
Finding Her glade, stepping into the light
Of cathedral trees, and standing stone
Heart of heart, and bone of bone.

In the Heart of the Labyrinth, Her sacred space
( Out of time, and out of place )
Here between worlds, the Goddess rests
Feel her embrace, and her caress
where cathedral trees enclose standing stones
( heart of her heart, and bone of your bone )
In the timeless place, renew your soul
Creation’s garden will make you whole

Leave by the crooked path, or stay for all
For there’s no straight way from the sacred hall.
In a spiral dance, turning within & without
Deosil in, but widdershins out

widdershins out

widdershins out

For Amy & Nigel, Solstice 2010

(c) Chaz Angell 10 June 2010

Belly Dancing Comments

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Chosen Angel: The Rowan

The rowan is a Pixie child,
Formed of Love by Nature wild:
The mountain ash she calls her home
Clings to the crag and drinks the loam,
And hedges ’round the forest Dell
To guard the way to the Naiad’s Well.

In leafy bower by summer’s day
While breezes blow and flowers sway,
Her Dryad sprite oft glimpsed at play
In dappled light and shadows gay
To the music of stone and stream,
In Oberon’s enchanted dream.

Among the blooms she darts in flight.
To dance and sing is her delight,
With dragon-fly and honey-bee
Where no mortal eye may see.

The child-like maid of Imbolc’s fire
Too young for green, and man’s desire,
Come Beltane to her wedding night,
In her full flower: a bride in white.
Wanton woman as autumn fall:
Ruby berries, displayed for all.
But gather not, before Samhain,
Then with her juices, your eyes stain.
The faery realm will be revealed
And mortal man, to Fae is sealed.

For Rowan Tinca Parkes

(c) Chaz Angell 18 April 2010

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