Psychic Art

ImageI started to paint in 2009 after an angel workshop & much encouragement from  my Guides. I love abstract paintings as the mind has no fixed reference point so is free to ‘see’ in the picture anything & everything. When I started painting I found that Energy Beings stepped in to do the painting with me. They love the colour & flow of energy so each painting has become full of their love.

I work in acrylics on canvas, encaustic wax on paper, pastels & watercolour in addition to altering photographs I have taken. The images all carry the energy of the Spirits, Angels or other Beings who have worked with me. Whether you want a pice for your home, a gift for someone or a card to send a greeting, there will be something for you. To purchase please email



Inspired by the crystals I love I connect in with their energy to paint. Guided by the Elementals who take care of the Earth, each painting resonates with the deep crystal healing energy these lovely stones offer us.

Crystal Gazing Collection : Amathyst
Crystal Gazing Collection : Amethyst


Amethyst (Acrylic on Canvas, 40×32 inch approx) Feel the pull on your third eye chakra of this large canvas as the purple, violet & mauve vibrations encourage you to see beyond the ordinary into the Spirit.

£150.00 plus p+p







Bluebells (Acrylic on Canvas, 12×9 inch approx) Walk in the garden of the night. Smell the perfume of the plants and trees. Hear the breeze stir the leaves of the trees. Catch a glimpse of the moon in the sky. Listen for the whisper of sound that shows the Elementals are out and about in the twilight.

£40.oo plus p+p