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51kOqkZ4t-L._SY450_I have never been keen to spend a lot of time meditating. In fact, it took me a lot of time & effort just to become composed enough to still or empty my mind. I guess for me I didn’t want to give up concious control so meditating always seemed a bit of a bore. Especially when someone well intentioned created a visualisation that seemed to go on and on. I always felt it was supposed to be doing me good but I often drifted off to other things (shopping lists, jobs that needed doing) after five or ten minutes. And eventually I was so guilty & frustrated. I didn’t seem to be able to ‘float’ like everyone else was saying or bring back amazing feelings or impressions. So I more or less gave up.

Some years ago I was lucky enough to open up my mediumship (even though visualisation & meditation was still a problem) and my guides were able to explain a way of meditation to me that gave them enough time to work with me & me enough time not to wander back into ‘reality’. I now call this my ‘5 Minute Meditation’ and I have developed a range of short meditations that appear to be just as effective for me.

If you find it hard to visualise or meditate, to still your mind or ‘enter the silence’ you are welcome to try this first mediation

First meditation – Something for the restless mind to try!

The 5 Minute Meditation CD (Begin to awaken your psychic ability) contains the following tracks –

  1. Learning to Meditate
  2. Aura Cleansing
  3. Chakra Power
  4. Grounding & Protection
  5. Self Healing

Some feedback about the CD:

By J Cobb on 3 Aug. 2014
This is a wonderful set of short meditations. Annie really understands how hard it can be to meditate and is very down to earth. She guides you through each piece gently but firmly and I find myself much calmer afterwards. I can really recommend these meditations to those who find it difficult to live in the moment and have lots of baggage which needs clearing out. Allow yourselves this time for healing.

91tto+cIeXL._SL1500_My second CD came along to help with connecting to Guides and Angels. I was also working through my past lives to help myself heal the karmic consequences that had flowed through into this life’s patterns. Through the channeled meditations that they gave me I explored my inner world & strengthened my ability to communicate with Energy Beings. If you are ready to meet your Guardian Angel and your Guides then this CD will support your spiritual journeying.




The Angel & Guide Meditations CD (Waiting with messages of love and support) contains the following tracks –

  1. Guardian Angels
  2. Spirit Guides
  3. Past Lives
  4. Crystal Heart
  5. Ask Your Guides (music only)

 If you would like to purchase either CD (£10 plus p+p) please email me or call 07930 282773.

Words of the meditations Annie Conboy & Guides. The music is by The Wooddragon Alternative.