Meet the Earth’s ArchAngels

IMG_1556At the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre, our sister company, we are at the beginning of a very exciting stage in our journey to bring forward the energy vibration of some very ancient but very new ArchAngels. Annie Conboy, the owner & inspiration for our Drop In Centre, has been working with Jan Booth, the owner of Ostrich Angels soaps & spritzers, since 2012 as guidance & direction from 12 angelic beings was channelled in.

Bombarded by creative energy, with hardly a pause for breath, both women spent many hours bouncing around the ideas that came in from ArchAngel Etieliel and his angelic team. The result of these creative energies has been products & workshops to help introduce each ArchAngel to anyone who wishes to explore their natural intuition. The first workshops have been held & the energy is out & running in the world.

You may wonder why we need this new energy. Certainly our faith in a Divine Source has been challenged by the way in which we run our world. Conflict & aggression seem to be accepted as the way to resolve our issues with one another. Compassion appears in short supply in our global structures, including our governments, education systems & the media. Many are struggling with living as an open, sensitive, intuitive person because there is so much low level energy around us all. So plenty of good reasons to recognise that we are energy beings – that we give & receive energy which affects us & others. There is a saying ‘What you give out you get back’ and many people are recognising the way that energy circulates around. They are trying to be mindful of how they interact in the world so that they give mostly positive energy & hope to therefore get back mostly positive energy.

These ArchAngels are here to generate more positive energy within us. They do this by helping us to release old, stuck, low levels of energy that are blocking our creation of positive, joyful energy. They bring a great healing surge if we are prepared to be self aware, self reflective & to change the way we go through our lives. Of course not everyone is ready. Or open to these ideas. So the ArchAngels use scent, colour, art & sound as extra ways to bring people into their vibration energy. They are keen to encourage us in any way they can.

Both women say their lives have changed dramatically since they first encountered the Earth ArchAngels. Not always easily, or as expected. Changed inwardly so that outwardly they have more enjoyment, purpose & passion in creating vibrational connections for people. So what has Growth Into Awareness to do with this? Meeting these angels is all about your growing understanding of the positive energy available in the world because positive energy spreads. Find out about & book the the workshops or purchase one of their products in our online shop.

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