Whether you are a little bit inquisitive, already a big fan or a complete skeptic, come along on 19th May 2011, to The Green Room, at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax to enter into the spirit of things and join Annie Conboy for the opening night of her Love, Light and Laughter Tour UK.

Audience members will be captivated and impressed by the accuracy of psychic & medium Annie’s readings, her explanations of why and how spirit work with her as she brings together the earthly and ethereal  dimensions, linking the spiritual world to our own. Those who have passed on can come back to the people they love, and through Annie, can pass on messages of love and support.

Mediums come in all guises, shapes and sizes, yet when you meet Annie, you’ll be struck by her down to earth practicality. No strange robes, jangly earrings or funny headscarves. No chanting or dramatic makeup. This international woman of mystery is an ordinary working mother, living as we all do, doing the best we can to do the right thing. The difference is that Annie has worked to develop her abilities and skills at connecting with the spirit world, to bring back messages of confirmation that our loved ones are still connected to us, still supporting us, and still linked to us in love.

Annie says “As a young woman I was always sceptical about psychics and mediums, so it was very strange in my mid thirties when I started to feel someone or something stroking my hair, tickling my ear or tapping my arm. I was surprised at being able to read tarot and playing cards accurately, and even more amazed to join a psychic development circle that led to me ‘going public’ about the spirit contact I was receiving. Now I’m a full time Psychic Medium, very busy and enjoying how much the messages from spirit can help people. Life definitely isn’t slowing down, my work for spirit feels like it is only just beginning.”

Spend an hour in a reading, or go to one of her events and see it for yourself. The fact that it seems so ordinary makes it so remarkable. Annie brings back evidence that we and those we love, live on. She will bring you, from your loved ones, things that only you know about and that she couldn’t guess. And she will pass on, from your loved ones, messages of support and love. “Put simply”, says Annie, “through love in this life, and in the next, no-one gets left behind.”

You may also discover when you meet her, that you are being encouraged to develop your own psychic abilities. When giving talks and teaching in her workshops Annie always explains, ”I believe that everyone is born with psychic ability, we have just forgotten how to use it.” She provides information and encourages people to find out more because “there are many ways to open up to your psychic potential”.

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