Guiding Light

I love working with my team of guides. No matter how much I develop my psychic senses I know I will not get a Spirit link without their help. So the support & explanations they provide are vital.

People often ask the name of my guide & assume there is only one. However I have a lovely team of beings around me; each has their own specialism & way of working. My first guide, the one who came forward as I searched to connect to Spirit World, has stayed with me as my ‘bouncer’. He keeps low energy (negativity) away if I need him to. He also met me very slowly & steadily as our relationship needed time to develop trust. In fact, for most of the first 10 years I pretty much doubted & ignored him. But he was endlessly patient. And, in time, I trusted him enough for us to work together.

As soon as we were working easily together he stepped back.  Really I was ready for a new guide. Once again we had to build up trust. I was unhappy to be moved on when I felt I was working well. It was like learning to walk all over again. The new guide had a different energy & a new way of giving me information. So I chucked my dummy (pacifier) out of the pram! It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the change was right for me; Spirit wanted me to be able to work better for them.

Now I get guides popping in & out all the time. I don’t always have a more personal relationship with each one. I’ve learned to trust that the right being will be with me with the right skills just for whatever I’m doing. So I’m proud to work with a team & be part of a fascinating journey. At the heart of any work to develop mediumship is your relationship with your guides. They are the ones who get you through the bumpy bit at the beginning. They help you build your confidence. The more you pay attention to them & acknowledge them the better Spirit contact & messages will flow.

People also ask me how they will know or identify when a guide is around. As the relationship between Medium & Guide is personal I prefer not to tell people who their guides are – even when I sense, see or hear them. It’s a bit like meeting someone you feel might be that ‘special’ person then your best friend/mother/their mother proceeds to tell you all their likes/dislikes. It really takes the excitement of discovery out of the relationship. It also makes it harder to trust as you have someone else’s opinion parked in your mind.

There is also the chance that I will give someone a stereotype instead of the reality. Tell people they have a Native American guide & most of us will imagine a man, probably a medicine man or chief, in buckskin trousers, bare chested & craggy faced. So the little old lady in a blanket shawl with a careworn face who is really the guide might be a bit of a let down. Or she may feel very restricted being forced to appear as a man! Not a good start to a relationship.

Sensing your guide(s) will depend on which of your psychic senses is the strongest. And the connection can be quite ‘light’ at first. Perhaps a flash in the corner of your eye as if someone is standing at your side. Perhaps an itchy, tingling feeling at the end of your nose or across your head. Perhaps even a buzzing noise in your ear. Sometimes a person seen in dreams. Or an eye just as you drop off to sleep. Try to accept anything that seems to be contact. If it is, it will happen again. If it’s not, at least you have shown your guide you are willing to start a relationship.

Love & Light

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