Awakening to Past Lives

What people say about the workshops: 

Thank you for an enjoyable and informative workshop. It was fascinating to see my past ( and future) lives. I felt very safe and held with Annie facilitating. The workshop was held in a fun and down to earth way and I look forward to reading the workshop and listen to the cd.

Wonderful workshop. Quite different to what I expected- lots of feedback- informative and great to have support from your team Annie. Wish I had a team I could easily connect to! Have given me much food for thought and answered a number of questions. Thank you.

Annie thank you very much- a perfect course! Lots of wonderful, safe info. I feel confident to explore now. I did not before great information about my soul ‘type’ an elemental- wonderful. Thank you also for info about Shamanism- this has really helped.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be following familiar patterns in your life? Or that you seem to be interested in particular periods in history, people from the past or have skills that you haven’t had to learn? If so you may be bringing into this life aspects of previous lives. These ‘past lives‘ are with you for a reason: they may need to be released to end a karmic consequence from the past; or they may need to be embraced to allow you access to past life wisdom for this life.

Why work with Past Lives? On a personal level clearing & embracing past lives can help you to understand & clear this life path. If you wish to develop your own psychic and mediumistic abilities dealing with past life issues & wisdom can heal blockages at Eighth chakra and help energy to flow through the Etheric chakras. This enhances your ability to link with the world of Spirit.

Using a combination of guided meditation and crystal energy this Workshop helps to access, understand and resolve Past Life experiences. You will also be given the techniques to continue working with your past life material at a pace and time that is suitable for you.

Please Note: The Workshop does not involve regression by hypnosis.
“Awakening to Past Lives” is a one day workshop to explore your past lives and the way they affect your present life.

The next date for the workshop is:

Saturday 24th October 

from 12 noon to 4.00pm

Workshops are held at The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge HX7 7DD

Cost: £45.00

To reserve a place please call 07930 282773

or email

More comments about the workshop:

Thank you, Annie. I have learned a lot in a short space of time. A lot of answers given questions burning on my mind and sparks ignited that need to be explored more. I am writing a strange book and today I have realized that I am writing this story for a reason- my quest at this moment, which I enjoyed and you have reassured me to go ahead with it, clearly away with it, cleared away my doubt. I am grateful and happy.

Really lovely workshop, thank you! Got a lot of information and having Annie’s psychic impressions of the past lives was really fascinating and helpful. Would highly recommend to others. 

 Really enjoyed would like to explore into it more and understand how to clear obstacles or blocks form this life. To help me move on by using information form past lives- thanks.

Learned a lot about myself. Cleared blocks. Brilliant workshop Annie. Everything I expected.         

Very good. Great to have the experience of the past and a future life.