Awakening Workshops

Aiden Hall (Medium) May I say that the workshop on Sunday was one of the best I have ever been on,  u made everyone so welcome and I got so much out of the day, I would recommend your workshops to any one.

Leigh O’Neill (Medium) Just to say many thanks for today! I really enjoyed your mediumship workshop and we were made to feel so welcome. It has made me feel so much more confident about my spiritual link.

If you have ever wondered if you are psychic but not know how to find out I’d like to introduce “Awakening”. This is a program of workshops to explore your Psychic & Medium potential.

I  have put together a series of three workshops to enable others to develop their personal psychic abilities. I believe that the things I practice are available to everyone as part of the gifts we are born with. I also believe that if you take the first steps on this journey you will discover so much within yourself that your journey will truly become endless!

My workshops are usually held in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. They run from 11 am to 4pm. Other venues may be available – please ask. You will need to provide your own lunch. Refreshments will be available throughout the day. Each workshop costs £60. A discount is available if you book more than one workshop.

“Awakening to Awareness”.

My first workshop is suitable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of what psychic abilities are, auras or chakras. You will be introduced to your inner energy systems and personal vibrational level. I will also provide information and guidance about energizing your own aura and chakras so that you will be able to begin to reawaken your own psychic gifts.

“Awakening to Psychic Ability”

My second workshop allows you to open up more fully your psychic abilities using your insight about auras & chakras. I will demonstrate how to ground and protect your energies so that you can work safely. You will also have an opportunity to establish and experience psychic links for yourself.

Feedback from the workshops

Thank you Annie, a really enjoyable and enlightening workshop. Learned lots and gained a clearer understanding of psychic matters, chakras and basic techniques.        What a enlightening day. Answered many questions and learning.Thank you Annie for yet again, opening my mind to the Psychic world once again.

“Awakening to Mediumship”

My final workshop will help you to connect to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and, with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death. I will also discuss what Ethical Mediumship means to me.

Feedback from the workshops

Very positive and safe environment. Incredible energy and support in the room. Annie’s guidance and support is genuine, she’s the real deal.       Another wonderful workshop, thank Annie. A lovely group and fabulous energies, have enjoyed exploring mediumship in a safe and supportive environment and feel I’ve gained a good foundation on which to build my experience and continue my journey.         Thanks Annie for all the work you’ve done with me so far, for helping me find the confidence to explore my abilities and for helping remove the barriers to my development.

I recommend that you complete Awareness, Psychic Ability & Mediumship in that order so that you gain grounding and insight before you move onto more advanced work. Please discuss this with me if you feel that you have completed that level of work already.

For more information please email

Alternatively you can call 01422 846117