Exploring Intuition

14225373_10154507908192959_4227787191304585511_nFor the last eleven years I’ve been running Awakening workshops. My aim has been to encourage people to discover and explore their psychic side. Sometimes we need to be given permission to do so.

The theme for the past couple of days has been about the teaching work I do. I love the idea of getting people to explore. How better to discover your intuitive senses than with people who want to feed your curiosity. I can’t help but feel that our current education system leaches away the natural curiosity that children have. Instead ‘learning’ becomes the rather dull purpose. Exploration, adventure, discovery are all words that no longer fit. I’ve watched my daughter’s progress towards examinations and qualifications. Questions aren’t allowed. Focus and discipline have driven away the natural excitement at finding out new things. Will she be a better employee for all this standardised knowledge? Or will she be a better citizen? I believe that what the world needs is imaginative, curious and open minded people. I find it hard to see how schools currently deliver that.

I’m not having a rant at education itself. I believe that we should all take an interest in the world around us and how it works. That way I am sure we can find better ways to do the things we need to do for a positive life. However, I do feel that we ignore a great deal of our world by approaching education in a standardised way. A way that appears to divide people into talented or not. Academic or not. Contributing or not. As I write this I can feel the judgements behind the idea that we can be divided into useful or not. It certainly appears to me that a lot of children leave the education system feeling second best, untalented and hopeless. Yet they are the future of our world.

I’m not sure how we got to this state but it has to change somehow. Where do I start? What can I do?

One of the things I know I can help with is intuition. And I can give people an opportunity to reconnect with their psychic senses. Because I feel we have forgotten about these almost completely. Generally we are told they don’t exist at all. And if we try to find out more we are met by a wall of fear. I know that many people avoid using their intuition because they think they will be perceived as mentally ill in some way. Because it’s common knowledge apparently that my voices in my head are an illness. In the distant past intuition was a valuable skill. Mainly because it helped us to navigate a challenging world. As our environment became more controlled intuitive information became less necessary.

I have experienced the challenge of opening up my own psychic senses again. In a world that is relatively much safer and apparently more tame than before learning to pay attention to intuitive information can be hard. To do so I had to explore how this way of gathering information worked. I had to accept I could do it. And I had to pay attention to what was being received. Finally, I had to become confident and trusting in myself and my intuitive abilities. Luckily I was prepared to explore that part of my inner world where my intuition lives – my imagination. I was also fortunate to meet people along the way who inspired me to explore too.

It’s really special to meet people who share your passion for discovery. They give an implied permission that it’s ok to want to find out. I found the encouragement from others really kept me keen to know more.

Of course, not everyone has a passion for finding things out. I have come across closed minds. People who have settled for ‘it is what it is’ without wanting to ask why that should be so. I feel that’s such a shame. What great opportunities they are missing out on. Or the people who have read lots and lots but never gone out to explore. Or gone inwards either. They have taken what others have told them as the absolute and only facts. I know they are letting their own abilities down. Yet it’s so rewarding to see other people find out how talented they are. I love having the freedom to teach others in ways that I feel will support their own adventures. It’s a real gift back to me when they rediscover their curiosity and start to question again.

The Awakening workshops will continue to be there for anyone who wants to learn in a different way. Added to them are the Earth’s ArchAngel Odyssey courses and workshops. I hope to keep fulfilling my purpose of “Each one reach one teach one” for a very long time to come.

Surviving the floods

IMG_3138My town, Hebden Bridge, along with so many others in the Calder Valley, has taken a real hit from flooding on Boxing Day. A lot of homes, shops, businesses & property have been temporarily destroyed. The big clean up will take a while but the town is still vibrant & alive. If you are near an area that has flooded you can always help – basic equipment is required for families who have lost most of their normal living equipment and you can send your positive vibes to everyone too. Most of all you can visit us as we are back up & running. This will support the many small businesses who will be building themselves up once again.

For a town with so many independent shops & businesses getting help is vital. We want to trade, share our services and see everyone enjoying our unique town once more. I have received so much support. It does count. It has made a huge difference to me whilst I’m dealing with the fall out of the floods. It also means I can offer the same positive support to others who have been more badly affected. So keep on sending your good vibes to every affected area. If you feel you would like to support us financially please have a look at the items in my Shop. We are also part of a Crowd Funding campaign so take a look at the rewards and make a donation. I’m offering sessions of Reiki & healing meditation to people affected by the flooding at my Centre at very reduced cost – your purchases mean I can offer that much more. Or put Hebden Bridge on your list of places to visit soon & call in to the Centre for a cuppa.

It’s also important to think about all the other areas dealing with flood damage. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to support Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and all other affected areas. Let’s all do what we can!


Psychic Art: Painting the energy

Crystal Gazing Collection : Amathyst
Crystal Gazing Collection : Amethyst

One of the things I really appreciate is the chance to get our my paints & pencils and play. I rediscovered my artistic creativity in 2009 when, prompted by Spirit, I visited an artist called Pat Senior. She helped me to get started again with paint & canvas but it took me a journey into encaustic wax art & watercolour to find my feet. All the time I was working with the paints etc I felt the presence of my Guides. I soon began to realise that they were stepping forward all the time I got creative to channel through the work.

I’m not (at present) a fine artist – my drawing ability is rather poor. I work a lot with abstract, with colour & flow. Usually I paint upside down. But I love the energy that takes over my hands & arms to shape wonderful pictures. Those pictures also have distinctly different vibrational energy, reflecting the different painters who work through me at present. I haven’t asked for their names – what is important is to get their energy vibration into the world & in front of people who need that vibe. They are content not to be identified too as they have left any human status far behind. These lovely beings work now to bring in healing & love through the pictures.

Moe recently my work has come through as collections; individual pictures that are part of a set but can be accessed one by one as needed. I know that some of them are meant to be a one off whilst others can be reproduced. In fact, some of them don’t even like me taking their photos so that I can keep a record of each one. I believe their energy is too delicate to be disrupted by a flash. Or I get strange effects on the photo that can’t be seen on the original. All part of the mystery of each picture really. It’s surprising what you can see when you look at them for a time. Often faces & figures are peeping out. Or when the lighting is changed the picture reveals shapes or bands that I didn’t know I’d painted in.

Most paintings are done in a very short time (10-15 minutes). This shouldn’t surprise me but it always does. From a blank sheet of paper or canvas to finished in such short order is the usual way unless I get in the middle of the process. Sometimes I’m so keen to know what I’m painting, or I feel as if I should be directing what is happening. Then I usually end up with a messy blotch, lol, & a quiet voice telling me to be patient. There is always laughter when I’m working because they know me so well. Even when I have to start all over again the creativity is always fun!

The Night Garden Collection
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Grat Central Sun Portal
Great Central Sun Portal






If you would like to purchase any of Annie’s Psychic Art please email admin@down2earthpsychic.net

Meet the Earth’s ArchAngels

IMG_1556At the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre, our sister company, we are at the beginning of a very exciting stage in our journey to bring forward the energy vibration of some very ancient but very new ArchAngels. Annie Conboy, the owner & inspiration for our Drop In Centre, has been working with Jan Booth, the owner of Ostrich Angels soaps & spritzers, since 2012 as guidance & direction from 12 angelic beings was channelled in.

Bombarded by creative energy, with hardly a pause for breath, both women spent many hours bouncing around the ideas that came in from ArchAngel Etieliel and his angelic team. The result of these creative energies has been products & workshops to help introduce each ArchAngel to anyone who wishes to explore their natural intuition. The first workshops have been held & the energy is out & running in the world.

You may wonder why we need this new energy. Certainly our faith in a Divine Source has been challenged by the way in which we run our world. Conflict & aggression seem to be accepted as the way to resolve our issues with one another. Compassion appears in short supply in our global structures, including our governments, education systems & the media. Many are struggling with living as an open, sensitive, intuitive person because there is so much low level energy around us all. So plenty of good reasons to recognise that we are energy beings – that we give & receive energy which affects us & others. There is a saying ‘What you give out you get back’ and many people are recognising the way that energy circulates around. They are trying to be mindful of how they interact in the world so that they give mostly positive energy & hope to therefore get back mostly positive energy.

These ArchAngels are here to generate more positive energy within us. They do this by helping us to release old, stuck, low levels of energy that are blocking our creation of positive, joyful energy. They bring a great healing surge if we are prepared to be self aware, self reflective & to change the way we go through our lives. Of course not everyone is ready. Or open to these ideas. So the ArchAngels use scent, colour, art & sound as extra ways to bring people into their vibration energy. They are keen to encourage us in any way they can.

Both women say their lives have changed dramatically since they first encountered the Earth ArchAngels. Not always easily, or as expected. Changed inwardly so that outwardly they have more enjoyment, purpose & passion in creating vibrational connections for people. So what has Growth Into Awareness to do with this? Meeting these angels is all about your growing understanding of the positive energy available in the world because positive energy spreads. Find out about & book the the workshops or purchase one of their products in our online shop.

The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre


If you’re looking for answers or guidance to spiritual questions, or just need space for peaceful reflection, you will find all this and much more at the Down2Earth Heart Centre at Burlees House in the heart of Hebden Bridge. Working in collaboration with other holistic practitioners, intuitive medium and psychic Annie Conboy has created a special non-denominational place where spiritual questions can be asked and guidance or answers can be found.

“It’s a healing and supportive environment where people can discover, understand and learn to use their own natural intuitive abilities,” says Annie. “Healing, counselling, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, crystal, tarot and spiritual readings and other treatments are available; and we run a variety of workshops to help people access and develop their intuition in their own way. We also have range of books, crystals, CDs and cards on sale.” A key feature of the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the Drop-In sessions, on Thursday to Sunday every week (11am-4pm).

For Annie the Down2Earth Heart Centre is the realisation of a long-held vision. “I have long felt that people should be able to open up and develop their own intuitive abilities in a straightforward and supported setting,” she says. However, the journey that led to the Down2Earth Heart Centre was an unusual one. “I didn’t set out to become a medium or go out in public. I was quite happy being a therapeutic counsellor and didn’t see myself being anything else for the rest of my career. However, I had always been aware of spirit in the counselling room which gave an extra dimension to my desire to know and understand what makes people tick. So my mediumship journey really started with curiosity; there was no plan,” Annie explains.

“I’ve always felt that to be a slight barrier as I didn’t feel I really wanted to access psychic abilities via structured beliefs – especially as they are a natural ability,” she continues. “I was also becoming frustrated by ‘psychic myths’, which you can see are clearly untrue when you develop your own skills and abilities. I felt there should be a place to go where you can ask questions and get sensible answers; for myself I wanted to develop my skills and understanding. But where could you go? Something non-denominational was needed.”

Returning to Hebden Bridge, Annie felt the time was right to bring all her thoughts and feelings together into something more concrete, and her move into Burlees House was the start of the process. Annie clarifies: “People starting on spiritual journeys start from different places. Some physical, energy healing, holistic and alternative therapies (such as flower remedies), help people to feel better in themselves. People are also looking for the spiritual side of life and looking for guidance and answers to their questions, such as ‘Is there life after death?’, especially if they are grieving for a loved one. We all have an aspect on wellbeing; we all have life questions – ‘Why am I here?’ etc. Some people are frightened by experiences they are having, such as other ‘beings’ connecting with them. If someone is experiencing uncertainty or challenges, tarot reading, counselling therapy or a spiritual counsellor may help them.”

“The purpose of the Centre is to provide a place where people are able to ask these questions of different therapists, holistic and spiritual practitioners, whether from a religious point of view or not. It’s the right place to find these resources. It’s a ‘sanctuary’ where you can ask any question and no-one will think you’re strange or doubt you. Having said that, not everyone likes to ask, so you can browse through our library, read magazines, etc. and look for your answers there while you enjoy a free cuppa and cake.”

While therapies are also available, that is not the main focus of the Centre. The whole point is to provide a free space. Practitioners can help with listening and advice as well as offering therapies. “I would like to think that this collaboration and the Centre will become mainstream and recognised and people will want to accept what places like this can do. My bigger dream is for this to grow organically into a centre where more and more people discover for themselves just what they can do and bring it into their lives in a more positive way,” Annie concludes.

Spirituality is …

Spiritualityis0214  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that life is full of joy. Especially when there is a lot of stress around. It can become part of our expectation of life that we experience difficulties in most or all of what we do. Sometimes it feels easier to say ‘It’s life’s fault!’, ‘It’s unfair!’, ‘No-one else is having things as bad as this!’. Saying those things moves the challenge outside of our ‘self’ into the world. Once in the world we can blame the system, the world, everyone else for whatever we have to deal with. We can create dark times for ourselves.

Yet if we could realise it, go inside ourselves & take a good look we would see that the challenges are a way of building our strength & responsibility. That within each situation there is always something to be joyful about – no matter how small that bubble of joy. Being able to recognise those tiny flickers of joy is a way of helping ourselves to connect to a wider understanding. Though life can test us we don’t break. We are part of a wider community of Spirit, all of whom, physically on the Earth or not, are connected to a Divine source of unconditional love & forgiveness. Next time you feel that the world has gone a bit dark find the Light within you and shine brightly!

Séance Night 4th October 2013

Have you ever been to a Séance night? Until 4th October I never had.

My experience of the night was amazing and breath taking. All my previous Psychic experience had mainly been under the Guidance of Annie. At the beginning of the night Annie went through all the important information such in case of a fire. During the first part of the night when we were focusing on building our energy we were guided by Annie’s voice and her instructions. The whole group experienced Spirit activity so we slowly released the energy we had built so we could break the circle.

When we were taking a tour of the building Annie kept asking us if we could feel a change whenever we changed location. Everybody felt different things in different locations, some parts of the building were warm and others were cool. Some parts of the building took on a smell that is not usually there such as a damp cool smell that you experience when going into a cellar. During the tour we all took a pendulum with us which Annie had provided to most of us that did not bring one. She showed everybody how to hold it and we all held our pendulums to see if it would recognise any activity. Every pendulum experienced activity depending on which part of the building it was in.

Before we started the Glass Divination activity Annie explained to us what to do and once we started Annie watched us and made sure we were okay. She also gave us helpful tips such as asking a question that you know is not true to see if the Spirit can answer the question correctly. I was definitely more comfortable joining in the Glass Divination because I knew Annie was there if I needed any help or did not feel sure.

We all split off into groups of three but before we left Annie asked if we would go into specific areas that had good Spirit Activity. We could not really rely on the noises we heard during this activity because there were many of us spread out across the building and it could be other people we could hear instead of Spirits communicating so my group focused on the answers we go with out pendulums.

The night was extremely exciting but the only downside was that the time went so quick!
We had been at the Séance for four hours but it only felt like two minutes. The people that came along for the night really made it an enjoyable night too. Everybody were really friendly and I found it easy to strike up a conversation with anybody. The atmosphere during the night was so comfortable and relaxing which made the whole night easy. Everybody was there for the same reason, and that was to experience Spirit activity.

Kira. x

Halloween Event

Nothing to do this Halloween? Well Growth Into Awareness can change that!

We are holding a Halloween Event , Spirit messages and Supper, which is likely to be one of the most enjoyable Halloweens you’ve had yet. Come along to experience a interesting evening in a special location.

This interesting and unexplored venue is situated in the Calder Valley between Halifax and Todmorden. The venue is also disabled friendly. The location of the venue will be revealed two weeks prior to the event.

Which includes sitting in a small groups, with Intuitive Medium. You will receive an individually message from the medium and then you can move to a different group to work with a different medium. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions about Mediumship and Psychic work. Plus explore your own abilities. This venue has not previously had any Psychic work or investigation completed within the walls. Having a clean venue promises for an eventful night.

There is a limited number of attendees to create a better experience for you all. So please book early to ensure you do not miss out on this evening.

This night is not to scare you but to open your mind to Spirit and experience the work of a Medium.

Pie, mash and peas is included in the price. The food is from a well regarded local caterer. You will have a choice of two pies, delicious steak or homely cheese and onion.

Past Lives – Clearing the Clutter

For more than 35 years I have been fascinated by and discovering Past Lives. So I feel really privileged to works with my Spirit Team to bring back information from the Hall of Records. They want to pass this information on to help people understand patterns in this life that can be traced back to Past Life events. If you access this distant memory echo your Spiritual path can become more open to you. Releasing the trauma associated with Past Lives and embracing the wisdom gained in those lifetimes balances karmic healing across all lives – past, present and future. Accessing, & understanding Past Life energy is a key part of this process.

I’m delighted to be doing some more ‘Awakening to Past Lives’ workshops in May – a month of eclipses, inner revelation & the powerful energy of change.I am also, as always, available for one to one Past Life readings. If you choose to have a one to one Past Life reading or to attend one of the workshops you will find your life journey making more sense.

Workshop will be running at:

Birstall Wellbeing Centre, 2 Gelderd Rd, Birstall WF17 9PX on Saturday 12th May

(Please contact me on 07930 282773 to book a place. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking).

House of Healing, 269 Falls Rd, Belfast BT12 6FD on Wednesday 23rd May

(Please contact me on 07930 282773 to book a place. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking).

PERU2U, 29 Duckworth St, Darwen BB3 1AR on Sunday 27th May 

(Please contact Kath on 07527 209232 to book a place. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking).

Each workshop is from 11am to 3pm & costs £30. Refreshments, a Workbook & CD will be provided on the day.  Please bring your own lunch.

Private one to one Past Life readings are also be available at:

Peru2U, 29 Duckworth St, Darwen BB3 1AR

(Please contact Kath on 07527 209232. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking).

The Zentist, 76 Gilly gate, York YO31 7EQ

(Please contact the shop on 01904 622706 to book a place. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking).

Readings last 30 mins (approx) and cost £25. A CD of your reading is included in the price.

Back to Mytholmroyd

Love, Light, Laughter Tour UK
Messages of love & hope from the Spirit World
With Annie Conboy, Psychic Medium
25th November at 8pm
At Mytholmroyd Community Centre, Elphaborough, Mytholmroyd HX7 5DY
Available also from the Community Centre, Ansells Builders, New Rd, Mytholmroyd or by calling 07930 282773.
Pay on the door subject to availability.

Tickets also available via this website for 25th November 2011:

Unless otherwise arranged tickets will be posted out first class to the address stated. If you wish to collect the tickets on the night please email annie@gia-ltd.co.uk once you have completed your purchase.

Ticket (s)