Another Wednesday …

Another day has flown by! Still not able to get comments on to site but had to stop being online as I had readings to do for people. I’m available now for phone readings & they can be booked via the web site with PayPal.  Also a Home Circle tonight.

I did manage to sort out some more of my PR stuff & a banner is on it’s way. It’s going to promote my “One Psychic Medium: Many Spirits” events – the next one is on 4th June at The Courtyard, Wards End, Halifax. I’ve also got the ads to do for the next Mediumship @ Milans event (& to find a medium!) on 27th May.

Tomorrow I have a day of readings then I’m at Bankfoot Spiritualist Church, Bradford to open their Open Circle service at 7.30 pm. So I might not get much time for Facebook & Twitter, folks!

love & light

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