Annie Conboy Ma (Couns)

LLLSeptGrowth Into Awareness is the site for the spiritual development & products part of Annie Conboy’s spiritual work. She is an Intuitive Medium & Psychic, Counsellor, Reiki Master/Teacher, writer & artist. For the last 10 years Annie has been working publicly to help people make stronger connections with their loved ones who have passed to Spirit. Described as down to earth, no nonsense and evidence based, people enjoy Annie’s positive, accurate & uplifting messages. As a teacher she encourages her students (in both healing & mediumship) to learn as much as possible about their own personal way of working.

She has been the leading Light at the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre since it opened nearly two years ago as she brings her vision of collaboration into being. She is keen that everyone can & should grow & develop through the spiritual connections between us all. So no matter where you start, or what you believe, Annie is ready to journey along with you as you explore more about yourself. The Centre offers lots of different ways for people to experience & benefit from spiritual growth, healing & support. Alongside other holistic practitioners Annie has created a space for reflection, calm & retreat in the Centre.

Annie has also been working creatively with her Guides for some time. On this site you will find details of her workshops, artwork & the Earth’s ArchAngels products as well as her CDs & books. Our shop is quite new so please check back as we will be adding new products over time.

Read more from Annie herself in her blog.

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Some feedback about Annie:

… since I met you I have felt your unwavering support. I have witnessed your bravery and your determination. I have seen and received your advice, encouragement and your certainty that we call all succeed. I know you wanted a thing (still can’t think of the word) for the Earth Archangel workshops – what I remember is you and your willingness to give support and encouragement and most of all let me ‘be’ me. You met me where I was and accepted me as I was and for me that was vital for me to feel safe to ‘have a go’. I consider you to be my friend and fellow lightwkrker (yes I admit it 🙂 ) You are an Earth Angel – and don’t you ever forget it.

With all my love and appreciation, H

(In the workshop) Annie gave us a personal message … we painted, laughed, drew, danced and had so much fun. Annie is clearly a skilled facilitator, always keeping the focus on the group and the group focussed. … A delightful day … K

When I first meet Annie, I was at a very low, my mum had died suddenly leaving me with loads of unanswered questions and missed opportunities to create more memories.

We started talking about spirit and loss. Annie gave me a short message, which surprised me as I had not asked for one. I noticed that Annie also ran workshops to help people open-up and explore their strengths in this field of work.

I first attended Psychic awareness, then a couple more. It was suggested that I could attend the development circle however I could only fit in the advance circle as I was a Brownie leader and could not be changed.

I was made very welcome and more importantly safe. Annie had created ( with spirit of course) a healthy environment to develop my skills. The circle had been running for a while. The whole circle made me feel welcome even though I was still very new to this. I have been in the circle now for three years and I have learned and now feel that I am at a stage to start the move to working outside of the circle.

Again Annie came thought with her help and guidance about how to set up a business and how to move forward. I can not thank Annie enough for all her patience, support and encouragement.    C