A blog a day keeps the doctor away ….

Sometimes we get to walk through a challenging period in our life and wonder how we survive without going mad or sad. For the last 3 years I’ve been supporting my partner as he has tried to make sense of the way his employer has treated him. He has had several spells of illness due to stress and the depression it has brought on. Sadly, he has never found it easy to talk to anyone about his feelings so the counseling he has accessed has been more of a sticking plaster than anything. I’ve been more lucky. My friends have been my saviours. They have listened endlessly & patiently to my feelings as I’ve struggled to support my partner & myself to stay optimistic.  So I know that talking really helps.

Yet my poor blog has had to suffer – talking publicly about what has been happening hasn’t been an option as we were in the Employment Tribunal process & didn’t want to create more problems. Now that has ended & I’ve got free time to post again (both about me, my work & about how life is going). And we will not know the outcome for about 4-6 weeks. So, to my good friends, expect me to do still more talking ….. & to my blog friends, expect me to start being more up to date.

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